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Artwork Approval Setup and Use Articles

This wiki is the home page for the Artwork Approval feature in Control. All articles that relate to setting up and using Artwork Approval are listed below.

Artwork Approval Compatibility Requirements
Artwork Approval Setup

New Concepts/Terminology
Artwork Approval Statuses
Named Roles
Artwork Groups

Using Artwork Approval
How To for Employees
Automated Emails
Company's Artwork Tab
Order/Estimate Artwork Tab
Artwork Group Explorer
Artwork Dashboard Instruments

How To for Customers
Artwork Approval CloudApp

IT Gurus:
Configuration Guide
Artwork Approval Database Tables Diagram

Artwork Approval Troubleshooting Articles

All articles that relate to troubleshooting Artwork Approval are listed below:
Rollback Notes / Breaking Changes
If the Artwork Tab doesn't appear on the Order or Estimate, check for a solution here.


Contributor: Cyrious Software
Date: 09/26/2016
Version: Control 05.75

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