Payroll Ch 12-Payroll FAQ

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  • Question: I have processed a payroll for hourly employees and the number of hours reported for the pay period doesn't match the number of hours the employee actually worked. How can I correct this?
  • Answer: When you are processing a payroll for hourly employees, you can use the Adjust Payroll button to manually add or remove hours in the pay period. The amount of Straight Time, Overtime, Double Time, and/or Shift Differential Time entered will be added to he employee's totals for that period. You can decrease the number of hours by entering a negative amount.

  • Question: How do I set up a deduction to be calculated AFTER taxes but BEFORE FICA and Medicare?
  • Answer: When you edit the deduction in the Optional Deductions sections, there are a series of checkboxes in that deduction. You can use this to select the taxes and standard deductions that will be calculated before the deduction.

  • Question: I can't see a way to set the deduction amount in the Optional Deductions section of the Payroll Setup. How can I set this?
  • Answer: Other than the standard employee deductions and taxes, the amount of an optional deduction is set on an employee basis in the Employee Setup. In the Payroll tab of the employee, the deduction is added and is assigned either a fixed amount or a percentage.

  • Question: Can you have more than one frequency of pay?
  • Answer: The system allows you to have weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll frequency.

  • Question: How do you void an entire payroll?
  • Answer: Under the View Payroll option, you can choose to void the entire payroll.

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