Web API for Control (WAPIC, Coelacanth, API)

Starting with Control 5.1, users now have the ability to integrate internal and external applications with the Control database using an API. The API for Cyrious uses the REST standard for all client & server communication.

  • Control 5.1 or later.
  • A valid subscription to the API service. Contact your Cyrious salesperson for more information on pricing.

Technical Reference Documentation is provided, you will need a working knowledge of web technologies and web programming to utilize this documentation. It is not meant as a how-to or step-by-step guide for end users.


Users with databases prior to OOB v2.80 must undergo a database preparation routine to add the necessary tables, views, constraints, functions, stored procedures, and adjustment column field types to be compatible with the API service. This is a process that Cyrious must do to your database in order for the API to function properly.

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