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This screen allows users to adjust a part's cost. The user can search by part, category, and part number. The user can also select to view only a certain part by selecting it in the scroll box.

Search Type This instrument allows you to search by part, notification part, category, and part number.

Category This column displays the part category

Part This column displays the part name.

Part Number This column displays the part number.

Fixed Cost This column displays whether or not the part has a fixed cost.

Cost This column displays the part's actual cost.

Units This column displays the unit that the part's cost is in.

Multiplier Type This column is set to display the multiplier type.

Multiplier This column displays the multiplier, such as 1.5.

Modified Check this box if any column was modified.

Billed Last 6 Months This column displays the number of each part that was billed in the last 6 months.

By double clicking on a part, the user can change the price.

Once the price has been changed and you click on something else, the new price will stay and the modified box will become checked. To save the modification, the user must click “Save” before closing the screen. If you decide not to save, the new price will not be saved.

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