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 +If the Artwork Tab is not showing in Control, check the following:
 +  - Ensure you are viewing a Order or Estimate.
 +  - Ensure the Order or Estimate is not in Edit mode.
 +  - Check the CHAPI Service and ensure user is running as is *Local System* and not as *.\chapi*
 +  - Check the name column in the CHAPI.DatabaseRecs table. It can not be null.
 +  - Check for the CEF folder and files in the Cyrious\Control folder.
 +//Further Troubleshooting://​
 +  - Hit F12 with the tab open
 +  - then hit F5 on the console window with the network tab open it will then issue a request to load the order,
 +  - click on that request and it will tell you where it's trying to load the tab from (artaddress)