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Control no longer uses Computed Expenses. Instead, each GL Account may now be used in an On-Balance Sheet GL Entry or in Off-Balance Sheet GL Entry. This avoids the need for a separate computed-cost chart of accounts, provides a simpler interface, and is an easier concept to work with.

See off-balance_sheet_gl_entries for additional information.

**Deprecated Information**

Control supports the ability for part cost to be computed without treating the part as an expense. This is useful when you are (a) not inventorying the part and so there is no asset value on the books and/or (b) expensing the part when you pay the bill. Either of these cases preclude the use of expensing of parts during their use in production.

In these cases, the parts will need to be set as **Computed Costs** only. Computed costs create cost-like entries that can be used for financial analysis, but do __not__ appear any financial reports.

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