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 +==Features & Changes==
 +  - Credit Card Enhancements ​
 +    * Added Voided Transactions to Processed Credit Card report.
 +    * Added an option to "Allow Overpayment to be applied to Customer Credit"​ on Customer Payment Methods
 +    * Added a check list of processed payment types to Credit Card Options screen
 +  - Removed the option "Can give cash back in change"​ from Customer Payment Methods unless the payment type is cash, check, or other.
 +  - Added a signature block with text as an option to the Standard Invoice.
 +  - Added the ability to wrap text and adjust row height in the Adjust Part Info screen.
 +  - Changed the selection color of rows in Adjust Part Info so that highlighted text is easier to see.
 +  - Changed the default time frame on Order Explorer to show closed and voided orders from This Month to This Year.
 +  - Changed the default date to Today on pricing forms with no previously set date.
 +  - Removed the footnote "* means amount overridden"​ from work orders if the parts field is otherwise blank.
 +  - Added a signature line for credit card charges to the standard invoice.
 +  - Changed logo dimensions on reports to 1.69" x 1.27".
 +  - Changed Adjust Part Info screen to show when a UDF is a dropdown, even when not in Edit mode.
 +  - Changed alignment of the second header row in Adjust Part Info to be bottom aligned.
 +  - Removed Open and Clone columns from being printed and/or exported on the Adjust Part Info screen, as well as any columns that are set to not show.
 +  - Increased the resolution of the store image to 300 x 400 pixels (new artwork must be uploaded for this to take effect). Also added a link to a pop-up that provides information about the optimal resolution for importing the store image.
 +==Defects Fixed==
 +  - Fixed an issue in Adjust Part Info screen where UDF dropdowns were not working properly.
 +  - Fixed an issue with the logic used to determine whether or not to rotate unless the item size caused paneling.
 +  - Fixed an issue where the Location address was not always being shown.
 +  - Fixed an issue where the Template Options button on the Adjust Part Info screen would sometimes not reposition after resizing the screen.
 +  - Removed "Paid in Full" stamp from work orders.
 +  - Removed the "​Location"​ part type from several places where it was not applicable.
 +  - Fixed the advanced popup dialog on the pricing tab in product setup so that the first tab is shown first.
 +  - Fixed a bug where the list of variables names did not display when setting the "Unit Variable"​ in advanced product setup.
 +==Backwards Compatibility==
 +These changes should be backwards compatible with the previous version of Control