Short Version #: 4.3

Full Version #: 4.3.0908.0401

Release Date: 8/4/2009

  1. Added the ability to override the payment due date in a bill; instead of using a fixed payment type like Net 30, there now exists the possibility to choose a custom payment date.
  2. Added a “Yes to All” option to continue running scheduled payments when the credit card address does not match.
  3. Added the Inventory Status report to standard reports; this report allows a user to easily see which parts they need to order.
  4. Product triggers for Orders now also work for Recurring Orders (allows a product to set an order UDF when a recurring order is saved just like in an order.)
  5. Added the ability to put negative numbers in the process payroll screen for vacation and sick time.
  6. Added a Division filter to the Pay Bills screen.
  7. Changed the “Division For” filter to read “Division Applied To” on the Make Deposits screen. Added a “Division Received” filter. Made the default “all” in the drop-down for the Division Received and Division Applied To filters.
  8. Added an option in System Setup where the Division field in a new Bills will default to (none), forcing the user to select a division.
  1. Added the Authorization box and the Force the credit card transaction checkbox to the Payments (Receipts) screen (multiple payments screen).
  1. Fixed a stack overflow issue when demoting line items while the parts subwindow is open.
  2. Fixed an issue where an invalid card number error was received when updating the expiration date.
  3. Fixed an issue with custom rounding not calculating correctly.
  4. Fixed an issue where double clicking in the Make Deposit grid would post the deposits.
  5. Fixed an issue where manually added parts in estimates and orders were not appearing when that line item was being cloned, the order was cloned, or an estimate was converted to an order.
  6. Fixed an issue where when saving a SQL report as an Excel file would incorrectly append .Microsoft Excel instead of .xls to the file name.
  7. Fixed an issue where only administrators could use Speed Notes.
  8. Fixed an issue where the Shipping Address was not showing in the service location in the Service Work Order report.
  9. Fixed an issue where the Adjust Part Cost calculation of historic cost was not accurate.
  10. Fixed an issue where Average Costing when Inventory is negative produced unusual results.
  11. Fixed an issue where the Balance Sheet by Division was splitting equity into two pages, and therefore not displaying accurate totals.
  12. Fixed an issue where the CalculateLayout CFL functions were not working properly.
  13. Fixed an issue with converting po's to bills, where when checking for duplicate po numbers, it displayed the message “Bill # for company already contains a bill with this reference number”; now correctly reads “Purchase Order # for company already contains a bill with this reference number
  14. Fixed an issue where writing off the total on an order in Sale status was not closing the order.
  15. Fixed an issue where a user could still login to Control even when the option to login to Control was unchecked in Employee Setup.
  16. Fixed an issue where Company Link UDF's are now working in UDF Designer Forms.
  17. Fixed an issue where the 1099 report was not including all payments.
  18. Fixed an issue where the asterisks that appeared after the written amount were not displaying. Also, if the cent amount was zero, it was displaying as xx instead of 00; users now have the option to display either.
  19. Fixed an issue where the Income Statement report was not filtering on divisions correctly.
  20. Fixed an issue where Vendor Credits were not being displayed on the Vendor tab.
  21. Fixed an issue where when receiving items on a po, the expected value was being doubled.
  22. Fixed an issue where the security right to prevent users from seeing a Company's activity tab was not working correctly.
  23. When printing checks for paid bills, they now print in alphabetical order.
  24. Fixed an issue where the Quantity Billed was not displaying correctly when the Quantity Billed was greater than the Quantity.
  25. Removed the option to have a Purchase Order sub-explorer on an Order Explorer.
  26. Fixed an issue where the credit card expiration date was not being saved when editing and updating.
  27. Fixed an issue where in the Chart of Accounts, the GL Account Group Material Expenses was not appearing.
  28. Fixed an issue where catalog items were not using the appropriate cost for the units selected.
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