1. Streamlined the clocking-in process from 3 pop-ups to 1.
  2. Added a display for the amount of vacation/sick time taken below the current vacation/sick time balance.
  3. Added a W-2 Name section to the Payroll Information tab in Employee Setup with First, Middle, and Last Name fields; these correspond to the same fields on the W-2 Report.
  4. Added the ability to attribute time to a station in the Adjust Timecard Entry popup in the Process Payroll screen.
  5. Added a Paycheck template that matches the Canadian check layout.


  1. Changed the way the Clone feature works in the Adjust Part Info screen; instead of cloning the part and opening it in a pop-up window, an edit box is displayed with the part name and (cloned), so that the user need only put in the new part name and save; the Adjust Part Info screen is then refreshed to show the newly cloned part.


  1. Added a warning when processing payroll if the pay period end date is before the start date.
  2. Fixed an issue where Double Time and Shift Diff Time were showing on the Part Usage Card List instrument even when those were not enabled in the Payroll Setup.
  3. Fixed an issue where time attributed to the Holiday-Paid station was displaying as unpaid time.
  4. Fixed an issue where the time clock was not looking in the correct table for the paid status of a station.
  5. Fixed an issue in the Worker's Comp Report where after changing the Worker's Comp Code for an employee, all wages were being attributed to the new Worker's Comp Code. Also widened the wage fields so they will display the totals instead of ####.
  6. Fixed an issue where if the option to have a minimum clock-in time is turned on and you attempt to clock in before that time, the master time card would be clocked in at the minimum clock-in time but the detail time card would be set at the current time.
  7. Fixed an issue where Deductions that were FICA exempt were not calculating correctly.
  8. Payroll checks now print in this order: sorted by Last Name then First Name.
  9. Fixed an issue where Sick Time was appearing on the Paycheck stub even when not enabled in Employee Setup.
  10. Paychecks now correctly print the employee address on the check.
  11. Reworked reports that display the SSN so it is now masked except for the last 4 digits.
  12. The SUTA Report is now calculating correctly.
  13. Added a Gross Pay column to the Process Payroll screen.
  14. Fixed an issue where the GL's associated with an employee's wages were not being honored in the Payroll GL entries.


  1. Users other than Administrators are now able to add parts and set alternative units in the Advanced consumption form.
  2. Fixed an issue where you could not add part calendars to an activity.
  3. Fixed an issue where the calendar tree would duplicate itself after editing a part.
  4. Fixed an issue where Control would hang in Activity Manager after leaving Part Setup.
  5. Fixed an issue where users could create an Order using a Product that requires a Work Assignment, then delete the Work Assignment.
  6. Fixed an issue where product triggers and save formulas were not working correctly.
  7. Added the ability to show Other and Location parts in Activity Manager, and also the ability to create calendars for Other and Location part types.
  8. Fixed an issue where the Scheduling tab was not refreshing when changing the part type while editing a part.
  9. The Inventory Adjustment Expenses were reworked to use the Part's expense account.


  1. Fixed an issue where A/P Discounts were not being automatically calculated on Bills.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Orders Placed Between Report was not including edits for orders in a prior time period.
  3. Fixed some issues with the Cost Analysis Report:
    • Now shows usage cards not clocked into an order.
    • Now shows usage cards clocked into line items but not parts.
    • Now shows usage cards clocked into an Order but not a line item.
    • Now shows usage cards clocked into an Estimate.
  4. Fixed an issue where Purchase Orders and Receiving Documents were not being properly linked or calculating inventory correctly.
  5. Fixed an issue where income was totalling incorrectly on any Orders in WIP with deposits on the Cost Analysis by Order report.
  6. Fixed an issue where the Bill GL was not compressing correctly when editing Bills with financially inventoried parts.
  7. Fixed an issue where a Bill for a Part at a new price was not posting correctly into the GL.
  8. Fixed an issue where no GL entry was being made when setting a part to be inventoried.
  9. There is now a GL entry made with the description “Inventory Unit Cost changed from $x.xx to $y.yy per ” when adjusting inventory value.
  10. Fixed an issue where voiding a Bill would move the parts to On Order.
  11. Fixed an issue where editing a Bill would create Part Usage Cards even when there were no Part Usage changes.
  12. Fixed an issue where the Balance Sheet was not balancing correctly.


  1. Fixed an issue with the Auto-Importer where it would not work correctly if data being imported had an apostrophe in the name or commas in the field inside of quotes.
  2. Fixed an issue where a customer's credit card number would blank out if a user chose “Update Contact Payment Information” while in the payment screen.
  3. Fixed an issue where posting taxes to Avalara was using the current date instead of the sale date.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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