1. Added the W2 report to the main Reports menu (under Payroll). This report was reworked to show the W2 name fields in the Payroll Information tab on Employee Setup instead of the employee name fields.
  2. Modified the Sales By Customer (Volume) Simple report to include contact name, phone number, and changed the layout from landscape format to portrait to reduce paper consumption when printing.
  3. Added a field for the SUTA number in SUTA setup, and reworked the SUTA report to display this number.
  1. Fixed an issue where users were unable to clock onto labor parts.
  2. Fixed an issue where catalog parts could not be selected in a Purchase Order if the part name and the vendor part name were different.
  3. Fixed an issue in online credit card processing where a warning message would popup after a refund was given.
  4. Fixed an issue where posting taxes to Avalara was using the current date instead of the Order's sale date.
  5. Added a dropdown in Employee Payroll Setup to select the state to be used for SUTA.
  6. Fixed an issue in the Financial Throughput Instrument where it was not displaying the correct Daily sales number.
  7. Added a security right, which when enabled, will allow users to execute a macro to email items out of Control to their customers.
  8. Fixed an issue with the Process Payroll screen where it would sometimes display the design state.
  9. Fixed an issue where a payment that didn't go to a bank account was causing a GL issue.
  10. Fixed an issue where a popup stating taxes changed to $0.00 no longer shows when storing the taxable amount in a variable.
  11. Fixed an issue where when editing UDF's from the right-click menu, a warning would display saying the division was changing.
  12. Fixed an issue where the Adjust Part Information screen was locking records when editing.
  13. Fixed an issue where the default catalog item was invalid in catalog item setup.
  14. Added security rights to enable users to add images to Contacts in a Company record.
  15. Fixed an issue where images were not displaying in Estimates.
  16. Fixed an issue with the auto-importer where it would only import the first file if several files were simulatneously created.
  17. Fixed the way the auto-importer checks files so that it will wait until the file can be exclusively opened. This makes sure the creating application is done before attempting to process the file.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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