1. Reordered Adjust Part Information Setup to appear before Adjust Product Information Setup in the Pricing Setup menu.
  1. Fixed an issue where the Account Reconciliation screen would lock up.
  2. Fixed an issue where occasionally the SaveDateTime would get set and not get unset, so subsequent entries would have the same date and time.
  3. Fixed an issue in the User Time Clock Instrument where the user was not being prompted for a password even when one was required to clock in.
  4. Fixed an issue where setting actual usage was not creating the correct GL entries for Estimates or for Orders.
  5. Fixed an issue where actual usage for labor parts was always posting in hours; it will now post in the correct units.
  6. Fixed an issue in the Process Payroll screen where when using the Adjust Hours popup, time entered was being doubled.
  7. Added the right-click menu back to the Parts grid in Orders; options added are Open Part and Adjust Part Cost.
  8. Added security rights for opening activities in the Account Register screen.
  9. Fixed an issue in the Default A/P Dashboard where the “Open Bills” Bill Explorer instrument was not linked as a sub-explorer of the A/P Vendor Summary instrument.
  10. Fixed an issue where after processing payroll, the Adjust Labor window would appear again.
  11. Fixed an issue where a SQL error was given when using the Marketing Basic Dashboard.
  12. Fixed an issue in the Marketing Basic Dashboard where the Search Criteria instrument would not display a scrollbar.
  13. Fixed an issue where users were not able to sort by the Sales Total column in Company Explorer Advanced mode.
  14. Fixed an issue where a SQL error was given when using the Advanced Order Explorer.
  15. Fixed an issue where a SQL error was given when pulling orders where the total is not zero.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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