• Concerning Password Changes …
    • Immediately after upgrading, the administrator will need to login and will be prompted to enter the credit card encryption phrase for the business.
    • Logins with a blank password will be disabled during the upgrade. The administrator will have to enable the login and reset the password before they can login.
    • All other users will have to reset their password up on first login.
  • Concerning The Time To Upgrade
    • The conversion of existing credit card numbers to their more secure format will begin as soon as the first person logs in to Control. However, this process is run in the background and will not prevent the use of the system.
    • Depending on the amount of credit card information in your system, this part of the upgrade may take minutes to hours.

Control 4.4 introduces many new details necessary for it (and you) to receive PCI compliance. From the user perspective, most of these changes are in the area of passwords.

  1. Added the ability to force password changes every 90 days; when a user attempts to login after their password has expired, they will be forced to change their password.
  2. Added the ability to track past passwords so they can't be re-used. To comply with PCI standards, users may not use the previous 4 passwords.
  3. There are new password standards that are being enforced. Password standards are as follows:
    • Password must be at least seven characters long.
    • Password must contain at least one number.
    • Password must contain at least one uppercase character.
    • Password must contain at least one lowercase character.
  4. If a user has 6 unsuccessful login attempts, they are locked out for 30 minutes. These attempts are logged in the system.
  5. When a user resets a password for another user, they will now be required to confirm their own password.

A second area of change, hidden to most users, is the change in the internal workings of Credit Card security in Control. These include:

  • Changed all credit card encryption used in Control to be strong encryption as required by PCI.
  • Created a separate credit card service (C3S) that actually handles all credit card processing and access. Control (via the SSLIP) communicates with C3S for all credit card transactions or to access any credit card information.

For more information on these changes, refer to

  1. Added an option (in System Setup | Orders) to keep all actual costs accrued until the order is completely in Sale when using Progress Billing. Income is still realized based on the percentage complete setting even when this option is set.
  2. Added an option (in System Setup | Estimate) to accrue all actual costs assigned to an estimate. If this option is set, the costs are not expensed when the estimate is converted, voided, or marked lost. These expenses are accumulated in the Cost of WIP/Built until then.
  3. Added an option to automatically preview (open) a SQL report after it is saved. The Windows default program for that file extention is used to open the file.
  4. Added the ability to run the “Refresh GL On These Transactions” action on Estimates in IDE mode. (It formerly could only be run on Orders and Bills.)
  1. The default security group no longer has Credit Card Processing enabled.
  1. Added a Report showing open Purchase Orders for an Order.
  2. Added the Order Number to the Open PO Report.
  3. Added the Order Number to the Time Clock Report, and added Grand Total Hours to the report.
  4. Added the Order Number to the PO Report.
  5. Fixed an issue where the Lost Estimate Report was not printing Mark Lost Reason Notes even when that option is checked.
  6. Added an option to A/P reports to show Vendor Credits.
  1. Fixed an issue where usage cards were not always posting to the GL correctly.
  2. Fixed an issue where “Other Labor” was not accruing correctly.
  3. Fixed an issue where posting usage cards would give an “Invalid Account” error.
  4. Fixed an issue where Other Materials, Freight, Equipment, etc., were not accruing properly on WIP orders when posted from a Bill.
  5. Fixed an issue where creating multiple receiving documents (partially receiving items) from the same PO would give an error.
  6. Fixed an issue where no Activity was created when marking an Estimate as Lost.
  7. Fixed an issue in Production Terminal where Time Clock Employees were not sorted in a particular order; they now sort alphabetically by last name.
  8. Fixed an issue where part usage from Production Terminal was not always posting labor usage correctly.
  9. Fixed an issue where items in the AP report were displaying in both the Current and the 0 to 30 columns.
  10. Fixed an issue where creating many part usage cards would cause the system to run out of memory.
  11. Fixed an issue where a FUTA bill was created for each employee instead of one for all employees.
  12. Fixed an issue where FUTA and SUTA bills were not being created when processing Payroll even when setup to do so.
  13. Fixed an issue in Estimates where checking the option to print Mark Lost Reason Notes was not working.

These changes are not backwards compatible with the previous version of Control. Once a customer upgrades to Control 4.4 they can not go back to Control 4.3.

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