1. Added an option in System Setup>Estimate Options>Accrue Costs on Estimates to Accrue Estimate Costs while Estimates are Pending.
  1. Fixed an issue where the wrong address was being used to calculate taxes online.
  2. Fixed an issue where occasionally after processing a credit card, a warning message would be returned with a repeated phrase.
  3. When processing Payroll, the Bill for for FUTA has been created separately from the Bill for Federal Withholding, FICA, and Medicare.
  4. Increased the width of the Totals columns in the A/P Aging report so large numbers are displayed properly.
  5. Fixed an issue in the A/R Summary Aging and A/R Detail reports so that Divisions now work correctly.
  6. Fixed an issue in the Payments Screen where it was not allowing default payment information to be changed.
  7. Fixed an issue in the Balance Sheet report where the account group balance was the same as the first account's balance.
  8. Added subtotals by account group to the Balance Sheet.
  9. Added account group subtotals on the Income Statement.
  10. Fixed an issue where running multiple reconciliations from the same screen did not post the Service Charge for each account after the first.
  11. Fixed an issue where Bills with a due date of today were appearing in two columns on the A/P report, which caused the totals to be incorrect.
  12. Fixed an issue where posting a payment immediately after closing the day was causing payments from the previous day to appear on the export report.
  13. Fixed an issue where Parts were not accruing properly on WIP orders when posted from a Bill.
  14. Fixed an issue where Subsidiary companies did not have the option to “Use Parent Company address”.
  15. Fixed an issue where FUTA bills were created for each employee instead of one for all employees.
  16. Fixed an issue where creating lots of usage cards would cause the system to run out of memory.
  17. Fixed an issue where a Bill attached to an Order in Sale was not creating the appropriate GL entries.
  18. Fixed an issue where when posting usage to a part comsumed by minutes, the amount was multiplied by 60.
  19. Fixed an issue where when paying Bills in the Pay Bills screen, applying a credit or a discount amount was not automatically recalculating the payment total.
  20. Fixed an issue where the Time Clock Detail report was not showing Order numbers.
  21. Fixed an issue where viewing the Parts tab on an Order with many parts took over two minutes to open.
  22. Fixed an issue where overriding the early payment discount in a Bill was doubling the discount.
  23. Fixed an issue in the Estimated vs Actual report where some parts were not displaying the correct quantities.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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