1. Computed cost/Assigned expense accounts removed via a table update. These glaccounts are deprecated and are no longer used.
  2. GL Table has been renamed to Ledger and a SQL View named “GL” has been created to display the same information from the old GL table. This change will minimize the amount of report changes needed. Unless off balance sheet/computed costs are specifically needed, reports should use the GL View instead of the Ledger Table.
  3. Added OffBalanceSheet Field to Ledger table. OffBalanceSheet serves as filter for View GL where OffBalanceSheet = 0
  4. New OffBalanceSheet Field set retroactively to 1 in the Ledger table for computed cost entries.
  5. Asset Account for parts set to use the Unclassified Inventory account as default account if the part tracks costs but does not have an asset/accrual account set.
  6. DefaultAssetAccountID and DefaultAssetAccountClassTypeID Fields added to PricingElement Table. These fields used now by Part Categories instead of DefaultIncomeAccountID, DefaultIncomeClassTypeID
  7. DefaultAssetAccoundID set for part categories being marked with income accounts instead of asset accounts.
  8. Part Category Tab was added to replace the existing Part Category Frame. New screen acts more like the part and product tabs to simplify setup process. This will move relevant information to a tab instead of having to expand a collapsed section to see the information.
  9. Part Category Accounting Tab was created, which consolidates and explains the accounting features as they relate to parts and part categories.
  10. Created Part Category Tags Tab. This will consolidate the tag based information on the part category into one tab. This will be accessible on it's own tab without having other information to clutter or hide it.
  11. Part/Sub-Categories Tab has been created. This tab was added in as the previous location of this data was on the “1st” tab of the previous implementation. Leaving this on its own tab saves load time, as the data doesn't load until a user wishes to see the Part/Sub Categories info.
  12. Removed GL Account information from the costs tab of the part setup.
  13. Removed GL Account information from the part tab of the part setup.
  14. Advanced Tab in the Part Frame has added buttons and checkboxes for Accounting and Tag tags.
  15. Part Info Adjustment screen has part accounting columns added. Having the additional accounting fields on the part info adjustment grid will allow users to see which accounts are tied to which parts. Additionally, the user will be able to see if the part uses the category defaults or if it is an overridden value.
  16. Removed The Assigned Expenses frame.
  17. Replaced the Part Category frame with a new tabbed frame to standardize setup frames with part and product frames. The data on the Part Category Frame is now contained on the new tabs.
  18. Save process changed to set OffBalanceSheet field in Ledger table when using parts that do not accrue costs.
  19. Save Process for parts now sets the asset account to the unclassified inventory account by default if the part tracks costs, but does not accrue costs.
  20. Part Category Save procedure has been adjusted to default the unclassified Inventory account when the category is set to track costs but not set to accrue costs.
  21. Updated the Order Analysis Report to use the Ledger table instead of the GL table.
  22. Verified that the Chart of Accounts report and the GL Export reports are not including Off Balance Sheet entries.
  1. Added Company Stages to help classify Prospects and Clients according to the life-cycle buying stage they are currently in. There is a list of System Stages, however, users can add additional stages for Prospects and Clients.
  2. Added Stage field and column to Company Explorer. The ability to right-click and Change Stage was also added.
  3. On the Contact Activity screen, the Call Type field has been moved and is now named Sub Type, and the Contact Type has been converted to a drop down.
  4. Company Stages can now be imported.
  5. When changing company stages, an activity is created.
  6. Stage has been added to the completed activity popup.
  7. Added an option to limit the Sub Type to list on Contact activities.
  1. Added a signature line and default text for credit card payments to all standard invoice reports.
  2. Added options to purge credit card information after a selected period of time (this is required for PCI compliance). The options can be found on the Credit Card setup screen.
  3. For Payroll users, added the ability to print checks for Direct Deposit employees.
  4. Added an option to use Vendor Credit Memos as return documents for inventory; this can be found on the Bills screen in System Setup.
  5. On Purchase Order entry, if the PO balance is negative, an option is displayed to “Treat as Return Document and reduce inventory”.
  1. Added the Vendor Payment Terms column to the Company/Vendor explorer.
  2. Added an option to convert a negative Purchase Order to Vendor Credit.
  3. Added the CFL property reference Part.SuggestedMultiplier which returns the “suggested” multiplier as set up in the part. However, as was the case previously the Product may overrride this value and not use this multiplier.
  4. Added the CFL property reference Part.SuggestedPrice which returns the “suggested” price for this part (= Cost * SuggestedMultiplier). However, as was the case previously the Product may or may not use this value in the calculation of the products price.
  5. Added a sub-explorer to the Parts tab on Orders that will display any part usage cards associated with the selected part.
  1. Added the Parts Listing subreport to the Alternate Design Work Order.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Signature Block was not appearing on the standard Invoice when the option to display it was checked.
  3. Fixed an issue where the YTD/Pay History popup on the Employee Setup screen was not including Bonuses and Commissions.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Voided Reports were not generating any data.
  5. Fixed an issue where the Trial Balance was not listing accounts in the same order as the Chart of Accounts.
  6. Fixed an issue where the Income Statement was not listing accounts in the same order as the Chart of Accounts.
  7. Fixed an issue where errors were occurring when attempting to run the Financial Summary report.
  8. Expanded columns in several Payroll reports so they display the correct totals instead of ### symbols.
  9. Fixed an issue where credit card numbers were not saving with spaces between numbers.
  10. Fixed an issue in Payroll where employer paid deductions were not calculated correctly.
  11. Fixed an issue where Bills were appearing on the Sales Tax Detail report.
  12. Fixed some issues in Bills where when entering a part description for “Other Materials” it was not clear which part they were on the Parts tab in an associated/linked Order. Also added Bill, PO, and Receiving Document columns to the Parts tab column chooser, and the ability to Open Bill, Open PO, or Open RD from the Order's Parts tab. The Estimated v. Actual Cost report was also modified to show the Bill number and description.
  13. Removed GL Account Groups from the Account drop down in the Misc. Receipt screen.
  14. Fixed an issue where “Export to Grid” was only exporting the visible grid of records instead of all selected records.
  15. Fixed an issue where manually entered FL entries were being reversed when editing the Order.
  16. Line Items with actual cost or part usage cards can not be deleted.
  17. Fixed an issue where Discounts applied to Bills were not displaying on the check stubs.
  18. Fixed an issue where cloning a Bill with a Discount would bring the Discount over to the new Bill.
  19. Fixed an issue on the Pay Bills screen where Early Payment Discount would be applied even when choosing not to apply it.
  20. Fixed an issue in Receiving Document Explorer where an error was given when unchecking Closed and Voided then refreshing.
  21. Fixed an issue where voiding a part usage would generate a “could not release control” error.
  22. Fixed an issue where the Order Analysis report was not correctly displaying the actual cost for outsourced part types.
  23. Fixed an issue where deleting a part from an order would reverse the GL entries created from usage cards.
  1. Fixed an issue where the Line Item quantity was not displaying correctly.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Order Description was being displayed on line items instead of the Line Item Description.
  3. When logging into Production Terminal, users can hit the Enter key instead of having to click the Login button.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Clock On Detail popup was keeping the previously selected Part even if changing Line Items.
  5. Employee changes are now updated between instances of Production Terminal.
  6. Users are now only allowed to clock onto parts that are measured in time.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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