1. On the Parts tab for Orders and Estimates, a subdetail grid was added to display any usage cards associated with a selected part.
  2. On the Production - Batch dashboard, the Create Part Usage Card instrument will now display the Fill section by default, and the Part Usage Card List instrument has been added to the dashboard by default.
  3. In Macro Setup, increased the field lengths for Macro Name and Action Name.
  4. In Macro Setup, added the Sub Type drop down to the Contact Activity Action.
  5. Added Company Stage triggers to Macro Setup.
  6. On the Parts tab when viewing Usage Cards for Parts, the Part column was moved to display after the Employee Column by default.
  7. Added the Work In Process Trial Balance report to the standard reports.
  8. Added the option on Product Setup to “Hide on Order Entry”. If checked, the product will not display on the Order product menu, but will still show on the Adjust Product Information screen.
  1. Fixed an issue in the Financial Summary report where the totals for Income, COGS and Expenses were $0 if the option to show Income and Expense Details was checked.
  2. Fixed an issue where Liability totals were not displaying on the Financial Summary.
  3. Fixed an issue in the GL Account Register report was not allowing users to select multiple accounts.
  4. Open P.O. summary pulls the correct status when only one status is selected instead of all statuses. Open P.O. Detail was also affected and now works correctly.
  5. Trial Balance report now displays GL Accounts in the same order they are listed in the GL. It also displays accounts with a starting or ending balance of zero, even if no changes were made.
  1. Part Usage Cards now correctly create new Inventory records with the correct data if they do not already exist.
  2. Inventory value is now reduced properly when disabling track costs.
  3. Parts that are not set to track inventory no longer appear in the inventory adjustment grid.
  1. Fixed an issue in the Process Payroll screen where adjusting hours would cause an Access Violation.
  1. Off Balance sheet entries are now posting during initial order creation.
  2. Fixed an issue where voiding an Order with a payment but not voiding the payment would cause an OOB (out of balance).
  3. Fixed an issue where processing Online Credit Cards for Companys with & in the name gives whitespace error.
  4. On New Vendor Credit Memo screen, removed the Default for Order and Line fields.
  5. Fixed an issue where sending an Estimate or Order out of Control to a Gmail address (and certain other mail servers) caused the text in the body of the email to duplicate.
  6. Marking an order sale that exceeds the customer's credit limit no longer says “ReOrder” in the activity notes.
  7. Fixed an issue where changing a Vendor on a PO caused Access Violation.
  8. Fixed an issue where creating usage cards caused Access Violations.
  9. The Part List ComboBox in Part Setup selects the correct part when first used.
  10. The following columns are now shown by default on the Confirm Labor Time and Confirm Material screens: Make New Total, Use Estimated.
  11. Fixed an issue in the Payments screen where selecting a different payment method was not refreshing on the bottom part of the screen. Also removed the Force Transaction and Auth Number fields from non-processed online credit card payment methods.
  12. Macros with date ranges that are run on the server now execute correctly.
  13. Some calculations that might have incorrectly involved off balance entries have been corrected.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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