1. Product Driven Part Expenses
  1. Fixed an issue where payments were sometimes appearing on two different closeouts.
  2. Fixed an issue where removing equipment calendars from a work assignment would give an access violation.
  3. Editing an order with existing Other Labor usage cards no longer removes the entries from being On the balance sheet to off.
  4. Reworked the Estimated vs Actual By Product Category Report.
  5. Fixed an issue where one single inventory item was used per part, even when the part does not track inventory.
  6. Fixed an issue where the Trial Balance report rows with a current period amount of $0 were not showing up even if the ending balance was not zero.
  7. Fixed the PO Listing by Order Report.
  8. The Finance Charge/Balance due amount of an order is no longer incorrectly adjusted when you edit the activity for it.
  9. The security right “TimeClock > Employee Right Click Options → Clock In/Out” now applies when right clicking on Parts.
  10. Email attachments now show in Mac Mail.
  11. Fixed an issue in the Estimated Order Profitability Report where it was showing 100% throughout the entire report instead of actually calculating.
  12. Users no longer have to close and reopen Control after changing a default part station for it to take effect in the Order, or the default part station did not get set when the part was brought in by linking from another part.
  13. When creating a PO from an Order or Estimate, a list of parts is brought up that is unchecked by default instead of all being checked.
  14. When importing an Order or Estimate's parts into a PO. the Order and Line Item are set on the Bill's Line Item.
  15. Fixed an issue where the pricing level was calculating discounts based on the calculated base price instead of the overridden (actual) base price.
  16. When searching for an Order by PO number, Control now correctly uses the PO criteria for Orders instead of Companies.
  17. Fixed an issue where the Rounding method (Product rounding vs. System Setup rounding) changes on line items when variables are refreshed.
  18. Fixed an issue where attempting to run a payment through Merchant Warehouse in Control 4.4 gave an access violation.
  19. Fixed an issue where Estimates could be converted to Orders for customers who were over their credit limit.
  20. Fixed an issue where swiping a credit card gave an error.
  21. Added a third Custom Recurring Order type, and the description of the recurring type now displays instead of “Custom1, Custom2, …”.
  22. Added .001 and .0001 to product level rounding options.
  23. Voiding processed credit cards in Merchant Warehouse no longer generates “HTTP Header SOAPAction error”.
  24. Security rights were added to insert picture for Contacts in a Company record.
  1. Added an Inventory History report to the Standard Reports menu.
  2. When attaching a cost to a bill, there is now a way to set the Part's Station.
  3. Added a C3S-based Payments report that pulls payment information based on the C3S tables instead of the journal table.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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