1. Option to use Assumed hours worked per year for hourly employees when calculating vacation and sick time implemented, instead of actual hours worked. This option can be found on the Payroll Setup Options screen. (118312.017)
  • Most users will calculate vacation and sick time based on assumed hours worked for salary employees and actual hours worked for hourly employees. This option was added for users who may want to calculate these using assumed hours for hourly employees.
  1. Added the ability to void a single paycheck from a processed payroll. (80615.001)
  1. Processing a payroll will now include closed timecards from the same day. (118312.001)
  2. Hours are no longer being duplicated from voided payrolls. (118312.003)
  3. Payroll IDs corrected in Payment table. (118646.001)
  4. 1099 report added to Control Reports Menu, under Vendors & Payables. (118999.001)
  5. Part activities are now showing more GL information. (120231.009)
  6. Removed the Send Error Report button from the main toolbar. (120231.013)
  7. Trial Balance is now showing accounts in the same order as the Chart of Accounts in Control. (120314.001)
  8. Income Statement is now shoing accounts in the same order as the Chart of Accounts in Control. (120314.004)
  9. Reconciliation report now works correctly. (121631.001)
  10. Address formatting on check has been corrected. (123626.002)
  11. Scheduled Payments report now displays the correct information. (124036.001)
  12. Date fields on Financial Summary report are not truncated. (128347.001)
  13. Balance Sheet displays accounts as they are listed in the Chart of Accounts, and the Net Income account has been renamed to YTD Net Income. (128347.002)
  14. Statement of Cash Flows, A/R Summary and A/R Detail reports work correctly with divisions. (128347.007)
  15. Pricing form has been widened to remove the scrollbar that appears on the Advanced tab. (130243.001)
  16. Refresh issues have been corrected in Explorer instruments. (130259.001)
  17. Fixed an issue where canceling after creating a new Product Accounting Template caused a 'cannot release control 'error. (130965.001)
  18. Fixed an issue where C3S gave an 'array length too short' error for databases on SQL2000. (131030.001)
  19. Converting POs with Inventoried parts to a Bill no longer produces 'Could Not Load Record' entries. (131284.001)
  20. Active Part list no longer only shows one part. (131353.001)
  21. Fixed an issue where attempting to edit or change the status of an order with the Screen Print product gave an “Attempting to add nil as a dependent of TCustTransPart_Entity” error. (130326.002)
  22. Time Card Summary is including time clock statuses that are blank with the paid time, resulting in a duplicated paid time. (127930.001)
  23. Increased the size of the dollar field on the order's Totals tab. (110912.001)
  24. Fixed an issue where voiding payroll no longer doubles the bank account and wages payable accounts in the Ledger. (131423.001)
  25. Payroll SUTA Report can now be printed by division. (122602.001)
  26. Show Zero Balance Account option now works correctly on Balance Sheet and Comparative Balance Sheet reports. (131415.001)
  1. Users are not able to post manual journal entries to certain accounts. (118483.001)
  2. SQL Report to pull the full GL for a given payroll added. (118830.003)
  3. Income Statement and Comparative Income Statement reports have been reworked and are now easier to read. (128347.004)
  4. Removed the Export Name and Export Number columns from the Comparative Balance Sheet. (128347.005)
  5. Reconciled Transactions report is now the Bank Reconciliation report. (128347.006)
  6. Trial Balance Export report has been added to the standard menu. (128347.008)
  7. Sales Tax Detail by Order and Sales Tax Detail by Line Item reports now display the Grand Totals in the Tax Code Totals section. (128347.009)
  8. GL Changes Summary now groups accounts for easier reading. (128347.010)
  9. Account Register report has been reworked to display the Beginning Balance at the top and sorts from oldest to newest; an Ending Balance has also been added. The db/cr notations have been removed, and a Grand Total has been added at the bottom of the GL Accounts selected. (128347.011)
  10. Account Code Listing report has been renamed to Chart of Accounts Listing. (128347.012)
  11. The Chart of Accounts Changes report has been removed from the menu, and the System Report Info report has been disabled in the menu. (128347.013)
  12. Added an A/P Aging Detail report to the standard menu. (128347.014)
  13. View Account Register screen now shows items in correct order with matching running balances. (128347.015)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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