1. WebView Shipping Information (131036.001)
    • Customers who have WebView and UPS or FedEx interface will now be able to access shipping information for their orders where applicable.
    • The tracking number will be displayed as a link that goes to the tracking information on UPS or FedEx respectively.
  2. Part Usage Tracking (131376)
    • There is now a description field in the database for TransPart. (131376.001)
    • The description for the TransPart is now displayed. (131376.002)
    • In the Parts Grid, Purchase Order and Bill column displays have been simplified to display only the number. (131376.003)
    • The way Time Cards are posted to jobs when Part Usage Cards are created has been simplified to use at most one TransPart per Employee per Station. (131376.005)
  1. Fixed an issue where searching for Contacts by phone number in Advanced Explorer did not work correctly. (103333.002)
  2. Fixed an issue where the Pay Period Detail Report displayed #### for large numbers in the YTD column; it will now display totals up to $99,999,999.99. (121734.001)
  3. Added Entered By phone number and Payment Terms to the Purchase Order report. (123512.004)
  4. Voiding a Bill attached to an Order will now reverse the Part Usage on the Order. (127782.001)
  5. Viewing historical Account Reconciliations in Activity Explorer now includes the service charge. (128023.002)
  6. Fixed an issue where payments were double posted when using the Payments tab on an Order. (129633.001)
  7. No longer getting the “INVLD DATA5623” error when swiping credit cards. (129911.002)
  8. Added rounding options up to 8 decimal places for products. (129930.001)
  9. Fixed an issue where the Contact Listing Report was not working correctly. (130239.001)
  10. Control can now send email through Outlook without getting the error “RPC Server Unavailable”. (130239.002)
  11. Changing the value of a local CFL variable in a formula now works correctly. (130247.001)
  12. Fixed an issue where editing or changing the status of an order with the Screen Print product would give an error. (130326.002)
  13. Fixed an issue where large GL entries were appearing when processing payroll. (131176.002)
  14. Fixed an issue where when processing payroll, “To Print” appeared in the Check Number column even when the employee was set to direct deposit in Payroll Information. (131177.001)
  15. Modified a number of reports to be able to display up to $99,999,999.99 in the Totals field. (131412.001)
  16. Fixed an issue where voiding Orders with Actual Part Usage caused the “Reserved on Orders” inventory balance to become negative. (131580.001)
  17. Added a SSLIP option to speed up the auto-creation of recurring activities and the frequency in which it rechecks. (131590.001)
  18. When you create a bill for a part or catalog item that is accruing inventroy, Control will no longer allow you to override the expense account. (131592.001)
  19. Control no longer allows you to change the GL Account on a Bill or PO for a part that is accruing inventory. (131592.002)
  20. Fixed an issue where automatically deducted lunch time was being added into payroll as straight time. (131746.001)
  21. Fixed an issue where deleting a recurring activity did not remove all open associated activities. (131774.001)
  22. Removed Actual Price and List Price columns in WebView. (131788.001)
  23. Fixed an issue in the Time Clock Detail report where time off for lunch was being displayed at paid time. (131912.001)
  24. Increased the size of the Account Description field and the size of the balance field to allow totals up to $99,999,999.99. (132053.001)
  25. Making changes that cause a part to be removed from an order will now reverse any reserved amount. (132113.001)
  26. When editing an order that contains parts with usage, you will no longer be allowed to remove parts with usage. (132113.002)
  1. Removed the Bar Code option and information from several default reports. (131037.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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