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 +====== ​ ======
 +===== Features =====
 +  - WebView Shipping Information (131036.001) ​
 +    * Customers who have WebView and UPS or FedEx interface will now be able to access shipping information for their orders where applicable.
 +    * The tracking number will be displayed as a link that goes to the tracking information on UPS or FedEx respectively.
 +  - Part Usage Tracking (131376) ​
 +    * There is now a description field in the database for TransPart. (131376.001)
 +    * The description for the TransPart is now displayed. (131376.002)
 +    * In the Parts Grid, Purchase Order and Bill column displays have been simplified to display only the number. (131376.003)
 +    * The way Time Cards are posted to jobs when Part Usage Cards are created has been simplified to use at most one TransPart per Employee per Station. (131376.005)
 +===== Defect Fixes =====
 +  - Fixed an issue where searching for Contacts by phone number in Advanced Explorer did not work correctly. (103333.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where the Pay Period Detail Report displayed #### for large numbers in the YTD column; it will now display totals up to $99,​999,​999.99. (121734.001)
 +  - Added Entered By phone number and Payment Terms to the Purchase Order report. (123512.004)
 +  - Voiding a Bill attached to an Order will now reverse the Part Usage on the Order. (127782.001)
 +  - Viewing historical Account Reconciliations in Activity Explorer now includes the service charge. (128023.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where payments were double posted when using the Payments tab on an Order. (129633.001)
 +  - No longer getting the "INVLD DATA5623"​ error when swiping credit cards. (129911.002)
 +  - Added rounding options up to 8 decimal places for products. (129930.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where the Contact Listing Report was not working correctly. (130239.001)
 +  - Control can now send email through Outlook without getting the error "RPC Server Unavailable"​. (130239.002)
 +  - Changing the value of a local CFL variable in a formula now works correctly. (130247.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where editing or changing the status of an order with the Screen Print product would give an error. (130326.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where large GL entries were appearing when processing payroll. (131176.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where when processing payroll, "To Print" appeared in the Check Number column even when the employee was set to direct deposit in Payroll Information. (131177.001)
 +  - Modified a number of reports to be able to display up to $99,​999,​999.99 in the Totals field. (131412.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where voiding Orders with Actual Part Usage caused the "​Reserved on Orders"​ inventory balance to become negative. (131580.001)
 +  - Added a SSLIP option to speed up the auto-creation of recurring activities and the frequency in which it rechecks. (131590.001)
 +  - When you create a bill for a part or catalog item that is accruing inventroy, Control will no longer allow you to override the expense account. (131592.001)
 +  - Control no longer allows you to change the GL Account on a Bill or PO for a part that is accruing inventory. (131592.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where automatically deducted lunch time was being added into payroll as straight time. (131746.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where deleting a recurring activity did not remove all open associated activities. (131774.001)
 +  - Removed Actual Price and List Price columns in WebView. (131788.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue in the Time Clock Detail report where time off for lunch was being displayed at paid time. (131912.001)
 +  - Increased the size of the Account Description field and the size of the balance field to allow totals up to $99,​999,​999.99. (132053.001)
 +  - Making changes that cause a part to be removed from an order will now reverse any reserved amount. (132113.001)
 +  - When editing an order that contains parts with usage, you will no longer be allowed to remove parts with usage. (132113.002)
 +===== Changes =====
 +  - Removed the Bar Code option and information from several default reports. (131037.001)
 +===== Backwards Compatibility =====
 +These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.