1. Inventory for parts in a Purchase Order now changes correctly if the converted PO has different quantities from the bill. (132706.004 and 132706.005)
  2. Totals field has been expanded to allow display of numbers in the ten millions. (132799.001)
  3. Stations that are entered on Time Cards are now being carried over to the usage cards that are created. (132925.001)
  4. Can no longer clock into parts that are setup with units other than time. (132862.001)
  5. Created an action to invoke the creation of usage cards manually; this is only available in IDE mode. (132974.001)
  6. Fixed an issue where using a Vendor Credit Memo as a return document was not crediting the billed amount in part inventory correctly. (133027.001)
  1. Added the Unit Cost to the All Parts Listing report. (81457.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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