1. Warehouse Feature (132910)
    • The ability to have multiple warehouses to hold inventory was added in this version. Each Division has a default warehouse, with the option to add additional warehouses. Inventory is distributed to each warehouse through Inventory Transfers.
    • Warehouse and Division grouping options were added to the Inventory Listing and Inventory History reports.
  2. Added the ability to send email through Control using GMail. (133655.001)
  1. Fixed an issue where Options were not all saving for reports that were automatically included based on the folder structure. (134074.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where users were getting “attempting to add nil” errors when entering Purchase Orders. (134049.002)
  3. Fixed an issue where Order Entry Part Descriptions were not being displayed. (133145.001)
  4. Fixed an issue in the A/R Detail report where the balance due was displaying in the 90+ column instead of the Balance Due column. (133259.002)
  5. Previewing crystal reports in Control releases sql connections and are freed when the report is closed. (133259.003)
  6. Product Expense Templates are no longer reverting to (Use Parent Expense) in Order Entry. (133259.004)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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