1. Changing the appearance of WebView with Style Sheets (CSS) (135251)
    • Users can now alter the appearance of WebView by making changes to the CSS file. See changing_webviews_appearance for instructions on altering the CSS file.
  2. Added the ability to have Part and Product UDF's load from and save to an XML. This will allow for a much larger number of UDF's to be created for Parts and Products. (134787)
  1. Fixed an issue in WebView where images were not showing. (113110.001)
  2. Fixed an issue in WebView where info on the Contact Us screen was not displaying. (126323.002)
  3. Users can no longer delete a query that is being used by a macro. (132711.001)
  4. Unoverridden GL Departments are now being saved in the TransDetail table. (134953.001)
  5. Part Usage Activities are now showing correctly in the Order Activities Tab. (135170.001)
  6. No longer receive Access Violations when creating a new part and setting the cost in the Inventory tab without activating the Cost tab. (135170.002)
  7. Fixed an issue where Access Violations were given when trying to clone a Part. (135221.002)
  8. Quantity in Vendor Credit Memos is no longer reversed. (135247.001)
  9. While updating to 4.5.xx, a message should always show stating “Do not close Control; Updating Product UDF's”. (135237.001)
  1. Widened the Account field on the View Account Register screen to display longer account names. (135313.001)

These changes are not backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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