1. Order Analysis report when grouped by product now calculates properly. (131835.001)
  2. Added Grand totals to the OrderAnalysisMaster report. (131835.002 and 131835.003)
  3. Fixed an issue where items in the bank account reconciliation screen were disappearing after being checked and saved as postponed. (134071.002 and 135370.003)
  4. Fixed an issue where converting only the last line item of a Receiving Document to a Bill was not working correctly. (135593.001)
  5. Fixed an issue in the Part Cost tab where the Fixed Cost option was not selectable. (135651.001)
  6. Parts can now be cloned with Employee UDFs set to Clear on Clone. (135652.002)
  7. Fixed an issue with scrolling in the Adjust Part Information Setup screen. (135668.002)
  8. Fixed a GUI issue where whenever arrowing up and down in the UDF value cells it displayed zero for the value but when you arrow down it displayed the correct value. (135668.003)
  9. Fixed an issue where Parts were not saving information the second time they were edited in the Adjust Part Information screen. (135668.004)
  10. Fixed an issue where when converting Purchase Orders to multiple Receiving Documents, the first Receiving Document contain inventory but the rest of them didn't. (135718.002)
  11. Fixed an issue where changing the status on an Order took much longer. (135737.002)
  12. Fixed an issue in Production Terminal where Artwork was not loading. (135752.001)
  13. Vendor Credit Memos are now creating reverse GL entries. (135824.001)
  14. The Parts grid on Orders now changes the color of the Quantity cell based on notification points. (135901.001)
  15. Missing GL Classification types for Assigned Expense accounts restored. (136306.001)
  1. Added link attributes to the WebView style sheet. (135251.002)
  2. Added merge field for day of the week to display in the Time Stamp Format. (135556.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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