1. NonInventoried parts that track costs now show in Adjust Part Inventory & Cost screen (136805.002).
  2. Part costs are saving in the adjust part information screen (136805.001).
  3. Fixed an issue where manual journal entries were not appearing in the Check Register report. (136951.001)
  4. Payments can now be processed through C3S regardless of the culture settings. (136873.002)
  5. Parts are now being grouped correctly on the Parts tab on an order. (133405.001)
  6. The part description can now be changed in the new Part grid. (135900.003)
  7. The Warehouse OV column will no longer show in the Parts Grid even when it's unchecked. (135900.002)
  8. Fixed an issue where the wrong part description was displayed for products with multiple links to the same part. (136552.001)
  9. Fixed an issue with inconsistencies with variables and pricing. (136719.002)
  10. Fixed an issue where Received Only values for parts were increasing when a PO was marked “Ordered”. (136887.003)
  11. SSLIP no longer gives “Invalid character in XML” error when saving an order using Avalara that has been edited many times. (137038.002)
  12. Access violation no longer occurs when editing orders with transparts that have null PartIDs. (137044.002)
  13. Part usage cards created for Vendor Credit Memos are now showing the correct quantity and amount instead of reversing them. (137136.001)
  14. Fixed an issue where Activity descriptions said “Order Voided” when voiding PO's, Bills, and Vendor Credit Memos. (137154.001)
  15. The Due Date field on the Update Order Progress instrument is now set to the Order's current Due Date instead of 'None' (133397.001)
  16. Line Item Stations can now be set correctly from the Update Order Progress instrument. (123684.001)
  17. Added Due Time field to Update Order Progress instrument and filtered available stations based on the status of the selected Order. (116748.001)
  18. The warehouse list is now populated correctly in Production Terminal. (137497.001)
  19. Fixed an issue where canceling a new part caused an error. (137497.001)
  20. You can now select a Warehouse when posting usage in Production Terminal. (137497.003)
  1. Reworded a message popup so customers understand that they may need to start the SSLIP. (136936.001)
  2. Production Terminal: Changed the “Station” column to “Line Item Station” (135897.001)
  3. Production Terminal: Changed the “Station” label on the Line Item Detail view to “Line Item Station” (135897.002)
  4. Production Terminal: Added Title Text to the following popups: Parts, Production Layout, Line Item Notes, Order Notes. (135897.003)
  5. Production Terminal: Widened parts popup. (135897.004)
  6. Production Terminal: If you filter on an Order/Estimate/Ticket # that does not exist, you will receive a popup informing you that the transaction does not exist. (135897.005)
  7. Production Terminal: Changed text on Production Terminal Security screen to read “Production Terminal” instead of “WebPro” (86792.001)
  8. Added the ability to Edit Company UDF's when you right-click on an activity in Activity Manager List View. Select Company>Edit Company UDF's to access this. (125728.001)
  9. When you click on the Contact Details button in an activity, if that contact has a 3rd phone number in their record, it will now be displayed. (125728.002)
  10. The popup when selecting a different Shipping Address in an Order's Company tab is now resizable. (137497.002)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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