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 +====== ​ ======
 +===== Defect Fixes =====
 +  - NonInventoried parts that track costs now show in Adjust Part Inventory & Cost screen (136805.002).
 +  - Part costs are saving in the adjust part information screen (136805.001).
 +  - Fixed an issue where manual journal entries were not appearing in the Check Register report. (136951.001)
 +  - Payments can now be processed through C3S regardless of the culture settings. (136873.002)
 +  - Parts are now being grouped correctly on the Parts tab on an order. (133405.001)
 +  - The part description can now be changed in the new Part grid. (135900.003)
 +  - The Warehouse OV column will no longer show in the Parts Grid even when it's unchecked. (135900.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where the wrong part description was displayed for products with multiple links to the same part. (136552.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue with inconsistencies with variables and pricing. (136719.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where Received Only values for parts were increasing when a PO was marked "​Ordered"​. (136887.003)
 +  - SSLIP no longer gives "​Invalid character in XML" error when saving an order using Avalara that has been edited many times. (137038.002)
 +  - Access violation no longer occurs when editing orders with transparts that have null PartIDs. (137044.002)
 +  - Part usage cards created for Vendor Credit Memos are now showing the correct quantity and amount instead of reversing them. (137136.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where Activity descriptions said "Order Voided"​ when voiding PO's, Bills, and Vendor Credit Memos. (137154.001)
 +  - The Due Date field on the Update Order Progress instrument is now set to the Order'​s current Due Date instead of '​None'​ (133397.001)
 +  - Line Item Stations can now be set correctly from the Update Order Progress instrument. (123684.001)
 +  - Added Due Time field to Update Order Progress instrument and filtered available stations based on the status of the selected Order. (116748.001)
 +  - The warehouse list is now populated correctly in Production Terminal. (137497.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where canceling a new part caused an error. (137497.001)
 +  - You can now select a Warehouse when posting usage in Production Terminal. (137497.003)
 +  - Reworded a message popup so customers understand that they may need to start the SSLIP. (136936.001)
 +  - Production Terminal: Changed the "​Station"​ column to "Line Item Station"​ (135897.001)
 +  - Production Terminal: Changed the "​Station"​ label on the Line Item Detail view to "Line Item Station"​ (135897.002)
 +  - Production Terminal: Added Title Text to the following popups: Parts, Production Layout, Line Item Notes, Order Notes. (135897.003)
 +  - Production Terminal: Widened parts popup. (135897.004)
 +  - Production Terminal: If you filter on an Order/​Estimate/​Ticket # that does not exist, you will receive a popup informing you that the transaction does not exist. (135897.005)
 +  - Production Terminal: Changed text on Production Terminal Security screen to read "​Production Terminal"​ instead of "​WebPro"​ (86792.001)
 +  - Added the ability to Edit Company UDF's when you right-click on an activity in Activity Manager List View. Select Company>​Edit Company UDF's to access this. (125728.001)
 +  - When you click on the Contact Details button in an activity, if that contact has a 3rd phone number in their record, it will now be displayed. (125728.002)
 +  - The popup when selecting a different Shipping Address in an Order'​s Company tab is now resizable. (137497.002)
 +===== Backwards Compatibility =====
 +These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.