1. Fixed an issue where users received errors when recalculating Sales Tax for existing Estimates and Orders. (137330.002)
  2. The reserved quantity for a part is now removed when the option to create usage cards for materials is set to Never. (137564.001)
  3. Production Terminal: Added loading indicator to artwork thumbnails and corrected issue with child item artwork not loading. (137580.001)
  4. Production Terminal: Fixed an issue where line items would appear in the list multiple times. (137580.001)
  1. Production Terminal: You can now filter on line item number by entering - into the order field. Example: 7067-1.A (137287.002)
  2. When editing a Part's inventory, users are now prompted to enter a reason for the edit. (136887.002)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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