1. Fixed an issue where when two machines are running Control, if they have different times, this would cause issues when trying to process credit card payments. (130214.002)
  2. Paying a bill with a discount no longer reposts the inventory amounts. (138566.001)
  3. Paying a bill with a discount no longer gives an access violation for Other Material. (138566.002)
  4. Fixed an issue where Control was no longer giving the warning that a customer had an outstanding balance when creating new orders (not related to Credit Limits). (135191.001)
  5. Added a total progress status when using the Create Usage Cards from Time Cards tool. (137619.002)
  6. Fixed an issue where the Check Register screen was displaying duplicate items. (137768.002)
  7. Adding a new part to a vendor saves the correct ID in the CatalogItem table now and does not generate an access violation on the Vendor tab. (137778.001)
  8. The SQL Report “Browse” button to select file location is now working correctly. (137788.001)
  9. The All Parts Listing report no longers shows some parts multiple times. (137802.001)
  10. Products that use numeric default values with units now price correctly. (138456.001)
  11. Create Usage Cards from Time Cards no longer posts duplicate Reserved amounts. (138487.001)
  12. Fixed an issue where GL entries were not being created when posting usage cards. (137816.002)
  13. Fixed an issue where “Unable to save without an ID” error was being given when trying to save certain estimates or orders. (137619.003)
  1. Added the ability to sort the Order Status report by Order Origin. (138614.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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