1. Fixed an issue where the subtotal was being cut off on the Pending-By Primary Salesperson report. (138597.001)
  2. The filter combo for the Part Category column in the Adjust Part Information screen has been moved back to the correct location and is functional again. (137458.001)
  3. Avalara is now receiving orders that are marked closed automatically from wip/built when they are fully paid. (139065.001)
  4. Production Terminal now correctly filters line items that are not on the first page of an order. (139139.001)
  5. No longer get an access violation when you enter * in the Company name of the Company Explorer. (137605.002)
  6. No longer getting excessive address validations in Control. (138671.001)
  7. Production Terminal now allows you to log in correctly if you have an invalid transaction number saved to your filters. (138732.004)
  8. No longer receive an “out of memory” error when running the Create Usage Cards from Timeclock Entries utility. (137619.001)
  1. Production Terminal will no longer trigger a refresh if you pause while typing an order number. You may still hit enter in this field to trigger a refresh. (138732.001)
  2. Production Terminal will no longer auto-refresh if you have the option disabled from System Setup in Control. (138732.002)
  3. Added “Reset Filters” option to Production Terminal login screen. This resets the Columns and Filters to their default values. This does not reset Display options. (138732.003)
  4. Added an option to make Finance Charges taxable (located in System Setup>Order Options). (139001.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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