• SMS to Control Conversion
    1. Default payment term are now set appropriately when converting from SMS to Control. (93566.001)
    2. The promotions from SMS are now converting correctly into Control. (98952.001)
    3. Conversion queries now use the StoreID. (109058.001)
    4. No longer receive this warning when running the STCC utility in IDE mode and clicking Advanced Settings then Save: IDE Warning: Accessing a session of a property by the Session is not set. Class: TSMSConverterApp_BR. (109058.003)
    5. Fixed an issue where running the STCC utility in IDE mode would not display the version number. (109058.004)
    6. The SMS to Control Converter has been updated to handle a conversion into a Control 4.5 database. (139396.001)
  • Reports
    1. No longer receive an External Exception when running reports after Control 4.4 upgrade. (139199.002)
  • Part Usage Cards
    1. Fixed an issue with the station is not saving when posting usage cards from time cards with no TransPart IDs. (139311.001)
    2. Fixed an issue when posting a usage card using Production Batch dashboard, the StationID was not saved in the PartUsageCard table when adding a new part to the order. (139311.002)
  • Parts, Warehouse and Inventory
    1. Warehouse summary records now have the correct UnitType and UnitID in the database. (138897.004)
    2. The Yellow Notification Point, Red Notification Point, Reorder Point, and Reorder Quantity numbers are now stored on the individual inventory records as well as the warehouse summary records in the database. (138897.006)
    3. Adjust Inventory/Cost screen prompts to close when saved. Changing inventory numbers on the Adjust Inventory/Costs screen saves correctly. (138897.007)
    4. You can now reopen the Adjust Part Inventory & Cost screen and modify part information without getting an error. (138897.008)
    5. Inventory updates correctly when moved via Transfer Inventory. (138897.009)
    6. Fixed issue with current quantities on the Transfer Inventory screens changing when line items are removed. (138897.010)
    7. The Inventory History report now takes warehouses into consideration when grouping by the Part Type or Part Category. (138897.011)
    8. Inventory edit pop up no longer shows when a new part is created. (138897.012)
    9. When you select and type in the Part column on line item #1 of a Transfer Document, the first letter that you enter is now recognized. (138897.013)
    10. Fixed issue with the Transfer Inventory screen showing current quantities that were not for the selected part. (138897.014)
    11. Blank rows no longer prevent Transfer Inventory from saving. (138897.016)
    12. Reversing a Transfer Inventory entry now says 'Reversal of Transfer Entry #' instead of 'Cloned from Transfer Entry'. (138897.017)
    13. Fixed an issue with the value for date UDFs in Parts was returning 0 rather than the actual date. (140372.001)
    14. Catalog item costs are now being updated when prompted to update the cost from the latest Bill cost. (140545.001)
    15. The inventory value for parts with catalog costs that differ from the unit cost are now distributing the expenses properly. (140545.002)
  • Other Fixes
    1. Fixed an issue where a circular loop error was occurring when editing an order. (139429.002)
    2. Fixed an issue with viewing Purchase Order Items sub-explorer while viewing Purchase Orders. (118263.002)
    3. When importing products, selection lists on overridden variables are now being set. (140135.002)
    4. Fixed an issue where taxes were rounding to the nearest thousandth and causing an out of balance on orders. (140578.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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