1. Added a Backordered status to Purchase Orders. (134036.001)
  2. Added a customer filter to the Credit Applied report. (122054.001)
  1. Non-default inventory warehouse records are now being created when editing a part. (138897.002)
  2. Fixed issue with some inventory adjustments not saving. (140727.001)
  3. Fixed the Change Order Station macro to save the selected station and execute correctly. (136662.002)
  4. The Expected Date on a PO can now be changed if a vendor is not selected. (123512.001)
  5. Fixed issue with changing the Expected Date on a PO causes the Payment Term field to be reset to (none). (123512.002)
  6. When requiring a reason for Estimate edits, you are no longer asked for a reason when converting an Estimate. (134016.001)
  7. When importing parts, the user is no longer prompted for the reason for edit. (139061.001)
  8. Access Violation when you close an order after clicking on an email macro activity on the Activities tab. (137605.001)
  9. Catalog Items from Purchase Orders are added and attached to their corresponding orders. (139156.001)
  10. The package size defaults to 1 instead of 0 for new catalog items. (102012.001)
  11. Fixed issue cloning Purchase Order items. (140835.001)
  12. Fixed an issue where duplicate variables were being inserted into the database when converting data using the STCC utility. (109058.002)
  13. Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete recurring activities. (121854.001)
  14. Fixed an issue where deleting a macro was not removing the macro from recurring activities. (121854.002)
  15. Fixed an issue where marking a Received PO back to Ordered was not adjusting the Qty Received. (134036.002)
  16. Fixed an issue where % Complete was incorrect when child totals were rolled into the parent's totals on progressive invoices. (138596.001)
  17. The Estimated Usage is now taking alternate consumption units into account when parts are ordered on a PO. (139378.001)
  18. Cancelled PO line items are no longer showing on orders. (139378.002)
  19. The Order to PO link is now being dropped when an order is cloned that has a part that is linked to a PO. (139378.003)
  20. Fixed an issue in the STCC utility where data was not being converted from the SMS database into the Control database. (139396.002)
  21. Order's estimated usage is no longer increasing when a PO is saved as Requested. Estimate usage now changes when the PO is changed to Ordered. (139432.002)
  22. An order's estimated usage is now updating correctly when a part is on backorder. (139432.003)
  23. Added security rights to allow users to open Orders and Companies using the right click menu on the Scheduled Payments screen. (140393.001)
  24. Fixed an issue in the Activity Report where the Notes field was being cut off. (140640.015)
  25. LookupTableValue now works with Parent values. (140743.001)
  26. Added a security right to allow users to modify parts and save the changes in the Adjust Part Inventory and Cost screen. (141095.001)
  27. Saving POs no longer give TCustTransHeader_ColLEntity Son Index out of bounds. (141377.001)
  28. Added a security right to allow users to right click on a PO in Explorer and change the due date. (141415.001)
  29. Child item numbers no longer disappear if Show Child Item and Roll Totals into Parent is selected in Estimates. (126045.001)
  30. Fixed an issue where the Unit Price and Subtotal for each line item was displaying as $0 when using the Double Window invoice. (126333.002)
  31. Manual journal entries are now showing in the Check Register report. (136951.001)
  32. On the Alternate Digital Work Order, the shipping contact is now displaying the name as well as the address. (134942.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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