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 +====== ​ ======
 +===== Changes =====
 +  - Added a Backordered status to Purchase Orders. (134036.001)
 +  - Added a customer filter to the Credit Applied report. (122054.001)
 +===== Defect Fixes =====
 +  - Non-default inventory warehouse records are now being created when editing a part. (138897.002)
 +  - Fixed issue with some inventory adjustments not saving. (140727.001)
 +  - Fixed the Change Order Station macro to save the selected station and execute correctly. (136662.002)
 +  - The Expected Date on a PO can now be changed if a vendor is not selected. (123512.001)
 +  - Fixed issue with changing the Expected Date on a PO causes the Payment Term field to be reset to (none). (123512.002)
 +  - When requiring a reason for Estimate edits, you are no longer asked for a reason when converting an Estimate. (134016.001)
 +  - When importing parts, the user is no longer prompted for the reason for edit. (139061.001)
 +  - Access Violation when you close an order after clicking on an email macro activity on the Activities tab. (137605.001)
 +  - Catalog Items from Purchase Orders are added and attached to their corresponding orders. (139156.001)
 +  - The package size defaults to 1 instead of 0 for new catalog items. (102012.001)
 +  - Fixed issue cloning Purchase Order items. (140835.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where duplicate variables were being inserted into the database when converting data using the STCC utility. (109058.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete recurring activities. (121854.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where deleting a macro was not removing the macro from recurring activities. (121854.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where marking a Received PO back to Ordered was not adjusting the Qty Received. (134036.002)
 +  - Fixed an issue where % Complete was incorrect when child totals were rolled into the parent'​s totals on progressive invoices. (138596.001)
 +  - The Estimated Usage is now taking alternate consumption units into account when parts are ordered on a PO. (139378.001)
 +  - Cancelled PO line items are no longer showing on orders. (139378.002)
 +  - The Order to PO link is now being dropped when an order is cloned that has a part that is linked to a PO. (139378.003)
 +  - Fixed an issue in the STCC utility where data was not being converted from the SMS database into the Control database. (139396.002)
 +  - Order'​s estimated usage is no longer increasing when a PO is saved as Requested. Estimate usage now changes when the PO is changed to Ordered. (139432.002)
 +  - An order'​s estimated usage is now updating correctly when a part is on backorder. (139432.003)
 +  - Added security rights to allow users to open Orders and Companies using the right click menu on the Scheduled Payments screen. (140393.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue in the Activity Report where the Notes field was being cut off. (140640.015)
 +  - LookupTableValue now works with Parent values. (140743.001)
 +  - Added a security right to allow users to modify parts and save the changes in the Adjust Part Inventory and Cost screen. (141095.001)
 +  - Saving POs no longer give TCustTransHeader_ColLEntity Son Index out of bounds. (141377.001)
 +  - Added a security right to allow users to right click on a PO in Explorer and change the due date. (141415.001)
 +  - Child item numbers no longer disappear if Show Child Item and Roll Totals into Parent is selected in Estimates. (126045.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where the Unit Price and Subtotal for each line item was displaying as $0 when using the Double Window invoice. (126333.002)
 +  - Manual journal entries are now showing in the Check Register report. (136951.001)
 +  - On the Alternate Digital Work Order, the shipping contact is now displaying the name as well as the address. (134942.001)
 +===== Backwards Compatibility =====
 +These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.