1. Added a Crystal and SQL report parameter that allows the user to choose a warehouse. (140840.001)
  1. Updated Control to use new Avalara adapter that allows up to 1000 line items. (142369.001)
  2. Updated the Alternate Estimate report to remove extra characters before the estimate number. (108048.001)
  3. Added the following options to the Purchase Order report: Order Number and Line Item Number it's linked to, Warehouse, and Expense Account. (109464.005)
  1. Fixed 'Unable to save without an ID' error when creating a new PO that is attached to an order. (141693.001)
  2. Removed ability to delete a part from an order that is attached to a Purchase Order, Bill, or Receiving Document. (141693.002)
  3. Fixed issue with part usage cards posting straight time that differs from the time card. (141572.001)
  4. Added 1000 line item restriction to orders with Avalara. (139208.001)
  5. Expanded the date field in the “As of this date” section on the A/R Detail report to correctly display double digit months. (107979.001)
  6. The customer's address no longer appears on the packing slip when local pickup has been chosen. (108914.001)
  7. Fixed the following in the Canadian Estimate: when the option to Show Total Tax Breakdown is chosen, the taxes are displayed correctly, and when the option Use the 1st 3 letters of Tax Account is chosen, that is what displays for the Tax Account name. If it isn't chosen, the full name is displayed. Also, the option to Show Line Item Tax Totals was removed since it was a duplicate of the Show Line Item Taxes option. (108975.001)
  8. The Service Work Order standard report now shows the Service Address when the “Show Service Location” is selected in the Options. (110724.002)
  9. The Packing Slip reports now point to the correct reports. (111472.002)
  10. The Activity Report has been fixed to show the correct duration times. (114953.002)
  11. The option “Show Tax Exemption ID” on Standard Estimates is now working. (118127.001)
  12. Fixed the Order Status report to only show the Grand Total when the option to Show Totals is selected. (118527.002)
  13. Fixed the Customer A/R Statement to display invoice numbers instead of order numbers. (119960.001)
  14. Fixed the Alternate and Simple invoices so users no longer receive “Cannot determine the queries needed to display the report” message or the “No data found or some data is missing” message. (120851.001)
  15. Fixed the Inventory Listing Report so that the option “Show PO's with parts on Order?” works correctly. (132706.004)
  16. Expanded the Order Number field on the A/R Detail report. (136644.002)
  17. The Line Item Report (Internal) action toolbar option has been changed to point to the correct report. (140640.008)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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