1. 142329.002 - Fixed an issue with usage cards created multiple times for the same time card when the time card is adjusted without closing the adjustment screen after running the Create Time Cards from Usage Cards tool.
  2. 141693.003 - De-attaching a part from PO now detaches it from the Order as well.
  3. 140135.004 - Selection list on overridden variables are now set when importing an existing product.
  4. 143357.002 - Fixed an issue on the standard invoice where the Percent Complete was zero when child totals were rolled into the parent.
  5. 131530.002 - Fixed the SBT Estimate report to sort by Variation.SortIndex instead of Variation.ID.
  6. 127187.002 - Fixed the Sales report so that it now correctly groups by 'Sales Date'.
  7. 116084.001 - Fixed the Word Envelope report to show a space between the first and last name, a space between the state and ZIP code, and removed the accounting contact's name and replaced it with the primary contact's name.
  8. 140640.011 - Report parameters now carry over to dashboards and you no longer get errors when you try to run them.
  9. 140640.012 - Using the Shipping Address option on the Items tab of a PO now saves a new address.
  10. 141269.002 - Inventory Listing report now shows correct totals.
  11. 142594.002 - Users should no longer get the error “Can't execute action with no target” while in Receiving Documents.
  12. 142681.002 - Fixed an issue where an error was received when attempting to save a bill.
  13. 142995.002 - Vendor credit memos that are attached to orders no longer reverse thier GL entries.
  14. 143062.001 - Browse button in report save dialog now works properly.
  15. 143236.001 - Voided orders are no longer showing a balance due in the order and in the payments receipts section.
  16. 139396.003 - Fixed an issue in the STCC utility with Warehouses.
  17. 143452.001 - Fixed an issue with “Attempting to improperly set object New” while updating a part's cost after the initial edit.
  1. 142998.001 - Added the 'Reference Number' from a bill to the Payments to Vendor report.
  2. 142970.001 - Added the ability to run the Sales reports for a specific company or group of companies.
  3. 142885.002 - Added a Discount row at the bottom of the standard Service Ticket Invoice report. Also added an option to show the Service Ticket stub.
  4. 140998.002 - Changed the Standard Estimate report to show discounts on the line item level like the Standard Invoice shows discounts.
  5. 140749.001 - Added Purchase Order information to each line item on the WIP report.
  6. 137353.002 - Renamed the “Aged” parameter to “Days Late” on the All Accounts Statement report.
  7. 130316.003 - Added the TransPart.Description field to the Time Clock Labor report.
  8. 129196.002 - Added the ability to run the Sales reports for a specific product or group of products.
  9. 127152.001 - Added order labor totals to the Time Clock Labor report.
  10. 115361.002 - Added option to show the shipping address at the bottom of the InvoiceDoubleWindow01.rpt.
  11. 143062.002 - When deleting a line item, focus does not jump up to the first item.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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