Defect Fixes


  1. 113510.001 - Fixed the Activity report to account for divisions.
  2. 113625.001 - Fixed the Sales - Yearly Sales by Salesperson report to show accurate numbers. Also added an option to the report to group by months to produce the Sales - Yearly Sales by Month report.
  3. 116078.002 - Fixed the default report options for the Voided Order reports so that the QueryDateTime uses the voided date.
  4. 109516.001 - Added the Activity Log Sales report to the main Reports menu.
  5. 109516.002 - The Activity Log Sales report now displays the correct Lost amounts.
  6. 115448.002 - Added a Bill of Materials report to the Order Action Toolbar.
  7. 122571.002 - Fixed Signs By Tomorrow's Invoice so that customer credits now show as payments.
  8. 143584.002 - Fixed the Inventory Status report so that it takes warehouses into consideration.

P.O.'s, Bills, and Receiving Documents

  1. 146147.001 - Editing Vendor Credit Memos no longer reverse GL entries.
  2. 146147.002 - No longer receiving Index Out Of Bounds error when changing a Bill's Vendor.
  3. 146147.003 - Converting a RD to a Bill properly creates an activity for the RD.
  4. 146147.004 - Converting a R.D. to a Bill now properly sets the R.D. Quantity Billed.
  5. 146147.005 - Purchase Orders, Bills, and Receiving Documents no longer group items with the same parts together in on Inventory Adjustment.
  6. 146147.006 - Control no longer zeros out item quantity when changing the vendor of a bill.


  1. 120116.001 - Added a Purchase Order subexplorer to the Order explorer so that users can more easily see purchase orders attached to orders.
  2. 133939.001 - Floating dashboard no longer disappears after hitting Enter to execute a search.
  3. 144843.001 - Fixed an issue in Order explorer where having the Orders column open caused explorer to lock up.
  4. 145193.001 - Fixed an issue where the Contact Activity Sub-Type was not saving in activities.
  5. 142426.002 - Fixed 'Attempting a add an invalid son type “TInvTransPartHeader_Entity” in a collection: TWorkAssignment_CollEntity' when creating a new work assignment for a part on an order.
  6. 131327.001 - Refresh problem with alternate consumption units not showing up on the Vendors tab of a part has been fixed.
  7. 146172.001 - Added a security right to allow users to move vendors up/down in priority on a part.
  8. 125887.001 - Updated the TaxItemTable function with a query to fix an issue caused by commas in the tax rates.
  1. 95624.001 - Added Box and Package as Base Stocking Unit options.
  2. 120116.002 - Added Vendor Credit Memo to the Quick Lookup instrument.
  3. 139233.002 - Made some changes to the Packing Slip report print options.
  4. 141462.001 - Added several contact merge fields to the work order.
  5. 114314.001 - Added a Write Offs Applied report to the main Reports menu.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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