1. Financial Summary is now handling divisions correctly; also fixed an issue with payments in this report. (133024.001)
  2. Financial Summary is now accounting for GL entries with a date but no time, which caused it to display incorrect totals. The Income Statement is showing these entries. - (141327.002)
  3. Fixed a few different issues with the A/R and Statement reports not working correctly with Progressive Billing - (112800.002, 115013.001, 116997.002)
  4. The Sales - Yearly Sales By Salesperson report no longer combines the sales numbers of salepeople with the same last name. (147103.001)
  5. Fixed an issue where users were receiving the error “This field name is not known” when attempting to preview an invoice or purchase order report. (147204.001)
  1. Production Terminal - Fixed inability to close out of the Part display screen due to text overlapping the “X” button. (146858.002)
  2. Production Terminal - Fixed an issue where Parts were not linked properly to their line items in Production Terminal. (146858.003)
  3. Production Terminal - Fixed an issue where a long Product Description would fill the entire box and did not have any scroll bars. (146858.004)
  1. Fixed an issue where Macros failed to email with proper mail-merge fields. (147236.001)
  2. Macros no longer fail to email with proper mail-merge fields with UDFs for the Run in the background on server option. (147236.002)
  3. Email options now allow merged fields for the CC and BCC fields. (147236.003)
  4. Text/Email UDF's now working correctly with report macros. (146284.001)
  1. The auto-calculation on the edit boxes are now properly handling the units conversion when a unit is entered in the formula. (144521.001)
  2. Reworked security rights to disallow viewing of bill activities throughout the program. (141175.002)
  3. Part description not refreshing when edited. (106736.001)
  4. UDF changes now refresh without having to restart Control. (146297.001)
  5. No longer receiving Invalid or Unrecognized Account message when posting payments to pre-update orders. (146386.001)
  6. Issue with fractional OOB's relating to tax accounts is now fixed. (146901.001)
  7. Fixed an issue where running multiple C3SHost may conflict with each other for requests. (124740.002)
  8. Creating a Vendor Credit Memo for items not billed yet will no longer throw off inventory numbers. (146147.007)
  9. Converting a R.D. to a Bill now creates Part Usage Cards for the actual usage. (146147.008)
  10. Payroll Workers Comp Hours are now adding up correctly. (146857.001)
  11. Payroll checks are no longer consolidated in the reconciliation screen. (146865.001)
  1. Increased the maximum error log file size for Control and the SSLIP. (145258.001)
  2. Suggested wording changes on Part Setup Accounting tab have been implemented to help lessen potential confusion. (146775.001, 143207.001)
  3. Added Windows Home detection message to inform users that Cyrious does not support or recommend using any Home version operating system. (146781.001)
  4. Avalara - Removed ping before each request, and added an option that changes the Address Validation behavior. Now the default behavior is to not validate addresses on an order level, it will just use the address that is entered. The new option can be found in Setup>Accounting Setup>Online Tax Options. (146898.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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