1. For customers using inventory, they will now see a popup when saving an order that uses parts with a low inventory (red or yellow notification point). (120365.001)
  2. “Lost” SQL connections are now restored/recaptured in Control 4.5. (138764.001)
  3. On the Parts tab of an Order, expanded the size of the Cost fields to accomodate amounts over $1,000,000. (140640.009)
  4. Added the ability to have a memo text box UDF. (146665.001)
  5. Changed the wording on the Part Setup Accounting Tab to help clarify the setup options. (146775.001)
  6. Added Order Margin information and Line Item Margin information on the Parts tab. (147273.001)
  1. Fixed an issue where converting an estimate to an order was not saving the starting station. (140781.001)
  2. No longer receive an error on the Adjust Product Information screen when changing the order of Quick Products. (144847.001)
  3. No longer receive Circular Loop Variable errors when using family pricing. (146553.001)
  4. Explorer is now showing all Orders properly from the Financial Throughput Summary Dashboard Instrument. (146605.002)
  5. The All Parts Listing report is now displaying the selected division instead of all divisions. (146739.002)
  6. Estimated Vs Actual Summary is now matching up with Estimate Vs Actual by Product and Sales with the Sales By Product report. Also added a note to the page footer stating the income and costs are current values, not values from the time period. (147015.002)
  7. Fixed an issue where ROW_NUMBER is not a recognized function in SQL 2000, which caused Table Updates to the InventoryLog to fail when upgrading to Control 4.5. (147337.002)
  8. Fixed an issue with the Peachtree export file where all the values had decimals, which was crashing the import. (111361.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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