1. Fixed the line item Packing Slip report so that a blank record does not show on the top of the report. (139233.003)
  2. Line Item Shipping Address not being properly set in the database which results in the incorrect address appearing on the work order. (148103.002)
  3. Parts linked to modifiers are now showing on the Parts tab of an order. (148353.002)
  4. Orders for subsidiaries are now defaulting to the correct Shipping Address. (148765.001)
  5. Users should no longer receive Access Violations while editing orders when Parts module is not authorized; a message stating that the Parts Module is not authorized will display instead. (148841.001)
  6. No longer receive an Index Out of Bounds error when voiding a bill payment. (148941.001)
  7. All Parts Listing report now properly showing orders in WIP. (149003.001)
  8. Fixed an issue where Workers Comp Hours worked were doubling the Over Time hours. (149010.001)
  9. Fixed an issue with taxability codes not basing taxes off of a formula if one was entered. (148929.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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