1. Fixed an issue where deleting the Vendor name in a Purchase Order gave an “Attempting to load NoID for TCustomer_BR” error (146692.002)
  2. Fixed an issue with Orders getting an out of balance error. (149012.001)
  3. Dynamic selection lists no longer truncate part names. (147060.001)
  4. Control no longer freezes when viewing the Parts tab after adding the Screen Print or Dye Cut products to new Estimates. (150214.002)
  5. Added a check in Control for checking the SystemData version, and if it's not updated, the user receives a message and Control terminates. (149026.002)
  6. Schedule payments now properly applying payments towards any delinquent scheduled payments. (148743.002)
  7. Parts are no longer missing from the Parts tab of an Order and Ledger although Part Usage Cards have been entered on that Order. (149220.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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