1. Fixed an issue with Security Rights that will now allow users to create parts if they have a part category selected. (115435.001)
  2. Pricing Families export and import correctly. (140647.002)
  3. Security Right to view payments is now available. (148765.002)
  4. Payments tab in order entry is more clear to the users that do not have the rights to view payments. (148765.003)
  5. Added SKU field to the Adjust Part Information screen; this field is hidden by default. (148854.002)
  6. Production Terminal no longer locking up after changing a line item's station with part usage cards attached to it. (149310.002)
  7. Users can now email Invoices to other Billing Contacts. (150253.002)
  8. Line Item Station is no longer defaulting back to the starting station when an order is marked Built, Sale, or Closed. (150284.001)
  9. Deposit Listing Report now groups correctly. (150326.001)
  10. When a bill adjusts the part's cost, the GL Entries are now correctly posted for the new cost of the part. (150393.004)

These changes is/is not backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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