1. The Sales - Order Discount report is now showing the correct price, discount, and subtotal. (97204.001 )
  2. The Estimated vs. Actual report is now displaying usage for all parts. (120486.001)
  3. Cost Analysis by Order report options to include WIP and Built are now working. (148130.001)
  4. Placed by Primary Salesperson report is no longer pulling all Orders regardless of the Date entry values. (148221.002)
  5. WIP by Primary Salesperson report is no longer disregarding the Date entry values and is now pulling the correct Orders. (148221.003)
  6. Vendor Payments report now shows items paid with all Bill payment Bank Accounts used to pay them. (150746.002)
  7. Crystal reports no longer keep a connection to SQL server after being closed. (151304.002)
  8. The Balance Sheet is now matching the Income Statement in the YTD Earnings total. (150596.002)
  9. The Browse button on Reports is now working. (150909.003)
  10. Added the merge field . (123512.005)


  1. You can now copy Line Items into new Orders from Recurring Order Explorer. (116276.001)
  2. The Reorder Quantity that's pulled into PO's is now taking the alternate consumption unit conversion into account. (123512.003)
  3. Inventory is now being updated correctly when using negative numbers. (143125.003)
  4. Fixed an issue with inactive and deleted divisions showing in the Inventory tab in Parts. (143125.005)
  5. Right-clicking on a Purchase Order line item is now updating Inventory correctly. (148296.001)
  6. Part Costs now update correctly when changing them from the Parts tab of the pricing form. (150253.001)
  7. Part Category filtering is enabled in the Adjust Part Information screen. (150925.001)
  8. Clicking on a control in the Pricing Form editor no longer causes the control to move. (150995.001)
  9. Company flags now display in a larger, resizeable popup window. (146581.002)
  10. On the Product Setup screen, the Is Scheduled checkbox is now unlinked from the Alt Percent Complete formula to allow partial shipments on orders. (151143.001)
  11. Modifiers will now add parts correctly. (151086.002)
  12. Part cost is now properly calculating the average cost when Bills are created. (151385.001)
  13. Line Items created through the Transaction Importer now have line item numbers associated with them. (120542.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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