1. Made some changes to the Line Item and Service Ticket instruments to allow users to change the Station and the Assign To in one step. This action was also added to the Service Ticket and Line Item Explorers for use in Group mode. More about this addition can be found how_to_change_station_and_assign_to_in_one_step. (153425.001)
  1. Made some changes to the way the Filters in Production Terminal work. (137766.002)
  1. Inventory usage is now posting correctly. (153479.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where a customer received Access Violation error messages whenever changing statuses/stations of Orders. (153426.001)
  3. Fixed an issue where the calculation of the default values for modifiers was occurring at the wrong time, causing line item prices to be set to $0.00. (154288.002)
  4. Fixed an issue where the default printer changed after the initial preview. (153591.001)
  5. No longer receive an error when converting a Bill that has a line item with a Quantity of 0 to a Receiving Document. (153483.002)
  6. The VariableTotal() function is now updating the pricing form. (153433.001)
  7. In Production Terminal, the Enable Automatic Screen Refresh option now works without needing a restart of the SSLIP. (153270.001)
  8. Added an option for which variable the Line Item Notes in Production Terminal should link to. (152389.001)
  9. When changing the Station in Production Terminal, the activity in Control will now display the Entered By information. (151513.002)
  10. Production Terminal now obeys password requirement options in Control for clocking on/off. (127152.007)
  11. Fixed an issue where Assembly items were not showing in the Tree when the assembly link was removed from the Product. (154463.001)
  12. The Assembly tree no longer allows child items to be deleted while the order is NOT in edit mode. (154463.003)
  13. In Production Terminal, the Company Information detail panel now displays the correct information. (131287.005)
  14. Fixed an issue where TInventoryWarehouseSummary_Entity objects were not being freed after closing Control. (154463.005)
  15. Fixed an issue where the default printer changed after initial preview. (153591.001)
  16. The ability to backdate part usage cards is now working correctly. (154603.001)
  17. For customers who do not have the Parts module, adding a Product that uses Modifiers no longer gives Access Violation errors. (152414.002)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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