1. Fulfillment Feature - This will allow users to print or create large numbers of a product (such as a business card shell) at one time and store until needed. Each “shell” will be it's own part. Users will be able to add these “shell” parts on the fly once this feature is implemented. More information about this feature can be found fulfillment_overview. (154645)
  1. Fixed an issue with the update files on the customer website where running the SSLIP while trying to update caused the update to not continue after shutting down the SSLIP. (154646.001)
  2. Rearranged the fields on the Line Items in Production Terminal so the Warehouse field can display it's contents. (140361.005)
  3. Fixed an issue where changing the Order Station in Production Terminal caused Work Assignments attached to that Order to not appear on the calendar. (148129.002)
  4. Added Purchase Order merge fields everywhere in the program. (152439.001)
  5. Fixed an issue with the Check Reserved Quantity utility; it was not computing Reserved Quantities correctly. (153617.003)
  1. Updated the version of SQL that is installed to SQL 2008R2. (154646.002)
  2. Made the following changes to the Notes tab in Estimates and Orders: (154629.001)
  • When inserting a Speed Note, the cursor will be visible.
  • The cursor will appear at the end of a Speed Note after insertion.
  • A blank line will be added between Speed Notes.
  • Text will be wrapped in the Notes box.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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