1. Expanded the Outstanding Orders section on the Company Financial tab. (129807.001)
  2. Reworked the way the Warehouse Inventory screens load to improve the speed of the load time. (140673.007)
  3. Added the ability to set default Estimate and Order notes. This can be found in System Setup under Orders, Estimate, and Service Tickets. (154718.001)
  4. Added a SQL query to Control that merges any duplicate inventory items. (154879.001)
  5. Changed the wording that shows when installing or updating to reflect the type of dataset being installed. (156172.001)
  1. Fixed an issue where On Save formulas for products were causing large amounts of recalculations. (155216.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where converting a Receiving Document with multiple line items to a Bill caused the quantities to flip. (155401.002)
  3. Fixed an issue with family pricing causing recalculations for variations. (156114.002)
  4. Added the ability to backdate write-offs. (156211.002)
  5. Added a category to the Macro Setup for Line Item Macros. (156211.004)
  6. Fixed an issue where Parts linked to Modifiers were not consuming correctly. (156525.002)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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