1. Fixed an issue with the naming scheme for WebView that was not allowing images to appear. (113117.001)
  2. Added a filter option for Division to Production Terminal. (113150.001)
  3. Production Terminal no longer allows users to clock on without a part if payroll is disabled. If payroll is enabled, it will be optional. (127152.010)
  4. Fixed an issue where posting usage on equipment parts was not converting to the correct units. (127349.002)
  5. Production Terminal no longer writing NULL to Line Item fields, which caused issues with the Packing Slip report. (144454.002.)
  6. Fixed an issue where creating a Bill with negative costs did not remove those costs from an assigned Line Item. (156238.002)
  7. Fixed an issue where using the Payments (Receipts) screen to swipe a card for a customer who had payment information saved caused the payment to be processed on a previous customers card. (158362.001)
  8. Fixed an issue where Parts were sometimes being dropped when cloning, converting, or editing an Order or Estimate. (158501.002)
  9. Fixed an issue where Email Macros were sometimes mailing multiple times. (135569.001)
  10. In Production Terminal, reworked the Line Item Clock On button to default to the logged in employee. (140631.002)
  11. Fixed an issue with the Packing Slip report printing an extra page that only contained the header and footer. (152436.001)
  12. Fixed an issue with the Sales Report option to not show zero balance entries. (153267.002)
  13. Fixed an issue where when editing the assigned Order number for Line Items on a Bill, the costs are posted to the new Orders however those costs are not removed from the previous Order. (156236.002)
  14. Fixed an issue with focus jumping to the top when selecting an item lower in the Explorer screen. (156345.001)
  15. Fixed an issue where when the option to automatically Close Orders when Fully Paid was enabled for WIP and Built, the AR balance was left on the Order if the Order was paid in full when in WIP or Built. (156377.001)
  16. The Scheduled tab is now pulling activities correctly. (156845.002)
  17. Corrected a typo on the Part Setup; in the Inventory Tab, changed Collaspe to Collapse. (158108.001)
  18. Fixed an issue where removing a catalog item link in a Bill and applying a discount caused Bills to be locked from editing. (156389.002)
  19. Applied the Sorting solution to all columns in Production Terminal. (158039.001)
  20. Fixed an issue with the Balance Sheet incorrectly including Retained Earnings in YTD Income. (158651.002)
  1. Added Employee Label and Station Label reports to Control for use with bar code scanning in the Job Monitor feature. (156284.001N)
  2. Added the version number to WebView's login page. (113117.002)
  3. Removed the Retained Earnings GL account from the master dataset and renamed the account to “Equity Adjustments”. (158022.001)
  4. Monthly recurring macros correctly hold their day of the month field value instead of reverting to the first of the month. (158314.001)
  5. Made some changes to the Details Filters in Production Terminal: (140631.003)
  • Alphabetized the list
  • Changed “Order Information” to “Production Notes”
  • Changed “Product Summary” to “Layout Summary” and “Product Layout” to “Layout Detail”

These changes is/is not backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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