1. Fixed an issue where converting an Estimate to an Order did not set the default Order station correctly. (150611.003)
  2. Fixed an issue with Inventory numbers not being updated correctly when changing Purchase Order status. (154794.002, 159181.001, 159181.002)
  3. Removed the time that was appearing after the date in Advanced Explorer queries. (156981.001)
  4. Formatting text in an email signature is no longer causing it to double in emails. (158323.001)
  5. Fixed a security right issue with users that could Make Deposits but not View Payments. (158600.002)
  6. Fixed an issue with rounding unit costs. (158753.002)
  7. Fixed an issue where cloning an Order or Estimate set the station to (none) instead of the default station. (158044.001)
  8. Fixed an issue with linking Parts to new Warehouses. (159238.001)
  9. Records no longer disappear from Dashboard Instruments when sorted by a field in which the record has a NULL value. (159342.001)
  10. Fixed an issue with On Order Inventory amount when non-accounting customers receive partial shipments. (160242.001)
  1. Added options to create activities when emailing Bills, Purchase Orders, and Receiving Documents; this new option is located under System Setup>General>Report Options. (158753.003)
  2. Added several columns to the Activity Reminder popup window column chooser, such as Company and State. (159191.001)
  3. Added the following options to the Standard Invoice: Show Discounts, Show Unit Price, and Show Line Item Totals. (160560.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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