1. Fixed an issue with Family Pricing that was causing delays when editing Orders and Estimates that used Family Pricing. (160938.002)
  2. Fixed an issue with MeAndSonsSubtotalPrice not holding the correct value of parent and child items. (160908.001)
  3. Fixed an issue where converting an Estimate to an Order would recalculate the tax amount. (160866.001)
  4. Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, paying a Bill caused large, incorrect GL entries to be made. (160502.002)
  5. Fixed an issue so that changing the Assigned To on line items no longer deletes certain modifiers. (154463.004)
  6. Standard Estimate no longer hides its discount if a parent item has no discounts but has children with discounts, and the option to not show child items is checked. (161203.001)
  7. Purchase Order report no longer hides the entire description line if no item name is entered. (161177.002)
  8. Fixed an issue where customer credits were being applied erroneously. (159321.002)
  1. Changed the wording of the 'refund requires pnref' error messsage given by Merchant Warehouse for clarity. (160980.001)
  2. Added a new standard report called Sales By Product (Simple), which sorts by highest sales added to the system. (160271.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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