If you use the timeclock function, do not update to this release; a defect was found that will prevent you from editing any timecards. This defect is fixed in the next release. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

1. Shipping Tab

Control now has a Shipping Tab for Orders, Estimates, and Service Tickets. This tab was added as a place to store all the shipping information for Orders, and also offers a way to split Orders into multiple shipments. Read more about how to use this new feature in the following How-To articles:

2. Shared User Account

Cyrious has added a Shared User Account login to Control. This was added for companies who utilize a shared terminal for employees; now there is a way to track activities performed by each user without having to log one user out so another user can login. Learn more about this feature shared_user_account_feature.

  1. Cloning a Line Item using laminates, all estimated usage is no longer reset to zero . (160254.002)
  2. Reworked the date range used for parts that are scheduled to reduce long wait times for the Schedule tab to load. (161383.001)

These changes are not backwards compatible with the previous version of Control due to changes made for the Shipping Tab Feature. Shipping Methods are now stored in another table. If you update to this version and for some reason revert back to a previous version, any changes made to the Shipping Methods would be lost, and all links to the Shipping Methods will become invalid. Vendors and P.O.s will lose their shipping methods..

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