Payments Tab and Screen

  1. Rearranged Add Payment and Delete buttons on Payments screen for better viewing. (117884.001)
  2. Added the Invoice No. lookup field to the Payments (Receipts) screen. (158043.001)
  3. In the Payments tab on Orders, added a Payments Method column and removed the Type column; the Type column actually refers to the Activity type. (162829.002)

Explorer, Orders, Purchase Orders

  1. Opening the Vendor Explorer no longer has the Prospects option checked. Note: if you have saved filters in the past, you will need to click Reset in the Explorer window for this to take effect. (79745.001)
  2. Cloning an Order or Estimate will now set the station back to the default station. (159044.001)
  3. A Line Item status change when the Purchase Order is in Edit mode is now saved as an activity when the option to do so is turned on. This option can be found in Setup>System Setup>Purchase Orders, Bills, Receiving Documents>Purchase Orders, and is called “Track changes to line item status as activities.” (161171.001)
  4. Fixed an issue where converting Purchase Orders to Bills would sometimes leave the Purchase Order in a Requested status. (163106.002)

Production Terminal

  1. In Production Terminal, fixed an issue where was being inserted between line item notes. (162649.001)
  2. In Production Terminal, fixed an issue where the incorrect user name was displayed on the Clock Out popup. (158541.002)
  3. In Production Terminal, no longer need to put * in the Company search field to get results; a partial Company name works. (160935.001)
  4. Users can now update Line Item notes and change Stations in Production Terminal with no errors. (162725.001)
  5. Fixed an issue with the Assigned To filter in Production Terminal to show the correct employees. (164470.001)


  1. Previewing Quick Reports as a group no longer causes Control to hang indefinitely. (162666.002)
  2. Address field on Purchase Order now expands to better handle longer addresses. (160461.002)
  3. Creating a new time card for another user no longer assigns it to the current user. (164177.001)
  4. Fixed an issue where while in a Vendor record, choosing Create>Create Bill on the Action toolbar opened a Purchase Order instead. (125667.001)
  5. Removed “Consolidate With” and “Exclude From” checkboxes from the GL Account Groups setup; these options are irrelevant to GL Account Groups since they can't have GL entries. (116300.001)
  6. Added security rights to allow users to delete work assignments. (163080.002)
  7. Fixed an issue where when dragging an activity in the Activity Manager instrument to move it to another date, the activity would “stick” to the cursor. (160683.001)
  8. “Answer Required” on Modifiers now works as intended. (144532.001)
  9. Added the auto-refresh option to the Marketing Search Results instrument. (160924.001)
  10. Warehouse and Division filters on the Adjust Part Inventory and Cost screen are now working correctly. (163325.001)
  11. Fixed an issue with the Edit button in Composition products giving an error. (163068.003)
  12. Fixed an issue where the option “File is ready for archiving” was not being set correctly and therefore, those files were not being backed up. (160942.002)
  13. Fixed an issue with mail merge fields causing email macros to fail without reporting an error. (162664.002)
  14. Partial Users are no longer able to edit their time cards. (162972.002)
  15. Fixed an issue where editing parts in the Adjust Part Inventory and Cost screen would not keep the changes. (164485.002)
  1. Added the ability to use Estimates and Service Tickets in the Job Monitor screen in Production Terminal. Estimates have a prefix of Est. to distinguish them from Orders. (160357.003)
  2. On the Shipping Tab, when the Order is in Edit mode, the Print button for the Packing Slip is not active. (164381.001)
  3. Added the ability to clone certain instruments. Also, a drop down was implemented on the instruments to include Edit, Clone (where applicable), Close, Restore, and Minimize. (162775.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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