1. For non-Avalara customers, the total taxes for a line item are no longer showing on each shipment. (164788.001)
  2. Users can now add new line items to shipments that have already been created. (164788.002)
  3. Shipments are no longer changing when new line items are added(Ex: SAA is now SAC). (164788.003)
  4. The Ship To information on the Company tab has been removed; all shipping information will be located on the Shipping Tab. Shipment SAA now defaults to the Order's Ship To address. (164788.004)
  5. Taxes are now being calculated correctly on line items that aren't linked to a shipment (for non-Avalara customers). (164788.005)
  6. Tax prompt no longer pops up intermittently saying taxes have changed. (164788.006)
  7. The invoice now correctly reflects tax information that is entered on the shipping tab. (164599.001)
  8. Shipments now correctly calculate taxes for tax exempt customers and products. (164599.002)
  9. Shipments now correctly calculate taxes for taxable and non-taxable customers (various scenarios when shipping to non-taxable location but ordered by taxable customer, split shipments going to taxable and non-taxable locations, etc.). (164599.003)
  10. Child prices are now being included in Price of Shipped Items for shipments. (164402.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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