1. Set Default Display Unit for Parts (164661)

This feature allows users to Set a Default Display Unit for a Part. Currently, Parts display the units which they are purchased and stocked in, also called Inventory units, but users may not use these Inventory units when talking about how much of a part is needed. Going forward, users will be able to display Parts in units that are more commonly used rather than the Inventory unit.

  1. Voided part usage cards are no longer showing in the Actual Cost and Qty columns on the Cost Analysis by Order report. (165119.001)
  2. Labor and Equipment part usages are showing the correct usage quantity on the Cost Analysis by Order report(165119.002)
  3. The selected Shipping Method on a PO is now printing. (164678.001)
  4. Line Item Station Change To/From macro triggers are now working correctly. (164859.001)
  5. The shared user feature to “remember me” for the next x minutes is now retaining who you are for future transactions. (164595.003)
  6. The GL entries for payroll now include the bonus amount. (164377.001)
  7. Credit Limits that are set for customers now include all amounts, not just Orders in Sale. (161295.001)
  8. The Control installation now includes dll files necessary for Gmail accounts. (160854.002)
  9. Modifier parts are now correctly included with default values entered in for modifiers. (160446.002)
  10. Control no longer allows you to post payments for bills when the total vendor credit used on those payments is more than you have. (125746.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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